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 REMEMBER.JPG (17604 bytes)We must never forget the innocent people who have died in plane crashes particularly those who perished by wanton acts of terrorism, political acts of war, business crimes or other misguided acts of revenge. 

    These cases might include Pan Am 103, TWA 800, Air India 182, Korean Airlines 007 and Iran Air 655, Swiss Air 111 and many others.

    Furthermore, we must not ignore all those who have died or suffered under the sanctions imposed by the United Nations, the USA, UK and many other nations which profess to be in favor or supporting "Human Rights". Sanctions of all kinds imposed entire populations has been a major political disaster in the 1900's and furthermore, have been proven to be an ineffective tool to effect the will of certain powerful nations upon the weaker ones.


Suze Lowenstein mourns the loss of her child by creating a sculpture garden depicting the agony people suffer when they lose family and friends in a plane crash. I thought it suitably fitting to place one of the photographs on this webpage. The reader can be assured there are many more on the Internet.



As the world turns each day remember we are all on one planet in the vast ocean of the universe. It is a beautiful planet, our mutual home, so cause no damage to it or its living creatures, including people. 

"Ne Vous Laissez Pas De Faire Le Bien". 

                      "Never Let Yourself Do Anything But Good".


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