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September 10, 2008.    Edwin Bollier has sent me the following email which contains an ITN news broadcast of Lumpert confessing that he lied during the Lockerbie trial.

emails 2008\Lumpert confession, posted Sept.10 2008.doc


May 5, 2008

There have been some significant developments in the Lockerbie case since March 26, 2008.  Edwin Bollier, President of MEBO has received legal assistance and can now file some damaging lawsuits against the authorities and other government employees who apparently have lied to the courts on the Lockerbie case.  Steven Spielberg is planning a movie on the Lockerbie disaster, based upon a book by author Juval Aziz.  Megrahi's attorney, Mr. Tony Kelly, is proceeding forward on Megrahi's second appeal.  The following emails will make interesting reading.  Following is an interesting email I received from Edwin Bollier concerning his meeting with a Libyan prosecutor.

To: Carl Davies <>
References: <>

After a meeting at the 24 April 2008 in Zurich/Switzerland,

Justice Hamidi Faraj Fannoush (Libya) and Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd.) can admits to be made, that before beginning of the Appeal at the High Court in Edinburgh three further hearings will take place, if possible before the court holidays.

The next hearing is to start at the beginning of May 2008; with the demand of Mr Megrahi' s lawers to reject the SCCRC-ruling about the limit for grounds in Megrahi's appeal. (SCCRC limit of 6 grounds)

Tony Kelly said:

"We don't have to limit our appeal on the grounds the Commission has identified. We have carte blanche to make it on as many grounds as we want."
This includes the claims about the most important MEBO MST-13 fragment of the bomb's timing mechanism that was allegedly found in the countyside near Lockerbie in the months after the atrocity.

Not forgotten, only the MST-13 fragment entangles Libya with the Lockerbie Tragedy.

Thus at the beginning of the Appeals, earliest can be counted at the end of September/October 2008.

MEBO will start next week a Criminal Complaint against persons of the Swiss Federal Police (ex BUPO), in the connection with the assistant shank with an important evidence-fraud of Scottish investigation officials.

(International law support against the Scottish Justice.) (Concerns the

MST-13 timer fragment, regarding the Falsification Evidence In the Lockerbie Case


Edwin Bolllier

emails 2008\Biggest fraud in Scottish history posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Biggest fraud (2) posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Proposal for a partial disclosure, posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Memo to Kelly re YouTube posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Lockerbie - The Biggest Fraud posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Witness Dr.Ludwig, reply Dr.Swire posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Big Oil wants relief from Libya posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Meeting MEBO and Fannoush posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Spielberg Lockerbie film posted May 5 2008.doc



March 26, 2008

Please read the following updates from Edwin Bollier, President of MEBO.

emails 2008\Update from Mebo, posted Mar 26, 2008.doc

emails 2008\The MST-13 timer review, posted March 26, 2008.doc

October 12, 2007

The Scottish Appeals Court met on October 11, 2007, to prepare for the Megrahi appeal.  Megrahi's defense team has brought to the attention of the Court the fact that it was not given a secret document from a foreign country.  The defense has until December 21, 2007 to lodge its appeal - details of which can be read by clicking the following hyperlinks.

emails 2007\Oct 11 Herald article.htm

emails 2007\Oct 12 Scotsman Swire comments_files

emails 2007\Oct 12 article from Ed Bollier.htm

emails 2007\Oct 11 Reuters article.htm


August 28, 2007

Dr. Hans Koechler has written an important memorandum discussing certain allegations of perjury on the part of MEBO ex-employee, Mr. Lumpert.  Please read the following email for details:

emails 2007\Dr. Hans Koechler memo Aug. 28 2007_files

News release: August 3, 2007

The following is an important email received today from Mr. Edwin Bollier where he informs the authorities and the public that an ex-employee of his company, MEBO TELECOMMUNICATIONS, has recently confessed in a signed affidavit (posted below) that he stole a MEBO timer, together with documentation and a circuit print, and passed these items over to Scottish police, thereby enabling them to complete a conspiracy to frame Libya as a responsible party in the bombing of Pan Am 103.


To review the history and details of the MEBO MST-13 timer fragment, please follow the links below. 

You will find two important documentaries.  One by CBS "60 Minutes" and the other by Channel 4 "Dispatches".  These two documentaries will explain in detail the identification discrepancies between the MST-13 timer fragment that was allegedly discovered in the Lockerbie debris field, and the commercially produced MST-13 timer circuit board sold to Libya.   These discrepancies were ignored by the five Scottish judges during the Lockerbie trial. However, now we are finally finding out the truth !!


Link: Click here to see Introductory video for a Channel 4 documentary regarding the timer fragment.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Edwin Bollier <>
Date: 03.08.2007 22:14
Subject: Fwd: For: Internet; LIBYA; T. Kelly; EU/Dick Marty; Dr. Köchler; UN; AU; Swiss Federal Police; F.N.Sarkozy; Sec.of State, Dr. C.Rice; I.Ferguson

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Edwin Bollier <>
Date: 03.08.2007 21:55
Subject: Fwd: For: Internet; LIBYA; T. Kelly; EU/Dick Marty; Dr. Köchler; UN; AU; Swiss Federal Police; F.N.Sarkozy ; Sec.of State, Dr. C.Rice; I.Ferguson


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Edwin Bollier <>
Date: 29.07.2007 18:45
Subject: For: Internet; LIBYA; EU/Dick Marty; Dr. Köchler; UN; AU; Swiss Federal Police; F.N.Sarkozy; Sec.of St. Dr. C.Rice; I.Ferguson


Dear Karl
For your information:This is for the time being the last situation in the "Lockerbie-Affair".
Many greatings
Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd


'Lockerbie Conspiracy' against LIBYA ---- Scottish Police Notebook's destroyed ---- Scottish Police chief alias 'Golfer': "The Lockerbie evidence was faked" ----
SCCR-Commission; Lairs And Cover-Up Merchants. The "Lockerbie-Trial" is the most disgraceful miscarriage of justice in Scotland ----
only the alleged vital  evidence that  LIBYA linked  to the bombing of PanAm 103 to mr. Abdulbaset al Megrahi, was a tiny fragment of a (scottish manipulated) MEBO MST-13 Timer circuit board.----
Engeneer U.Lumpert, ex of employee at company MEBO Ltd:  "I stole 1989 the  third handmanufactured MST-13 Timer PC-board with a summary of the production films and have handed over the material to a person officially-investigated in the 'Lockerbie-case'...
Before Mebo wanted to submit a criminal complain against mr. Lumpert on 15th July, 2007, itself was ready to will deliver the following Affidavit, in German language, notarially authenticates.
English translation: Re. the Original Affidavit is in German language.
ULRICH LUMPERT, 8122 Binz / Kt. Zurich, Switzerland

Page 1 U.L.

For the LIBYA Department of State

The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Zurich 18th July, 2007



of Mr. Ulrich Lumpert, electronic engeneer, ex of

employees at company MEBO Ltd Telecommunication

8004 Zurich / Switzerland, between 1978 to1994.


Ex a witness during the process 'Fhimah, Al Megrahi'

(Lockerbie-case) 2000 in Kamp van Zeist NL.

Personal data: Name: Ulrich Lumpert;

Date of birth: 20 September 1942;

Occupation: electronic engeneer;

Residence:8122 Binz, Kt.Zurich / Switzerland



The following facts, which correspond to the truth,

were signed by Mr. Ulrich Lumpert on 18th July 2007.


1.> During the examination by the Bundespolizei (Federal

Police) "BUPO" Switzerland, FBI und Scottish Police

present in Zurich in 1991;


the examination of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)

(Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation) by Com-

missioner Fuhl in Konstanz / Germany 1991;

as well

as in the "Lockerbie Trial" in Kamp van Zeist 2000.

I had testified as witness No.550 and stated in the

record, that of the 3 pieces of hand-made prototypes

MST-13 Timer PC-Boards the third MST-13 PC-Boarcd

was brocken and I had thrown it away.


ULRICH LUMPERT, 8122 Binz / Kt. Zurich / Switzerland

Page 2  U.L.

I built two functioning MST-13 Timers with the remai-

ning 2 PC-Boards, which were delivered to the GDR

State Security Service (STASI) by Mr. Bollier

The MST-13 PC-Boards consisted of 8 layers of fiber-

glass and were brown in colour.

2.> These statements recorded by me were not correct!


I confirm today on 18th July 2007 that I stole the third

handmanufactured MST-13 Timer PC-Board consisting

of 8 layers of fiberglass from MEBO Ltd. and gave it

without permission on *22nd June 1989 to a person

officially-investigated in the "Lockerbie case".

3.> At this *time I did not know , that the MST-13 Timer

PC-Board was used for a specific purpose in

connection with the attack on PanAm 103,

otherwise I would have requested permission from

one of the owners of M/S Mebo Ltd (Meister or Bollier)

to release the MST-13 PC-Board.

4.> In addition I have handed over without permission a

summary of the production films, hand-stuck templates

and the blueprints of the MST-13 Timer production in a

yellow evelope to Det. Superintendent James

Gilchrist, Scottish Police during a *visit to Zurich in June


(* according to Mebo: without the necessary sanction

of the Swiss law enforcement).

5.> Reason why I did not explain the true background be-

fore the court proceedings.I have been living in an indescribable condition of

depression of and fear since my second exa-

mination by the police in 1991.


I got a shock and was in a significant state of anxiety

when I was shown the photograph with the apparent

MST-13 Timer fragment by the "BUPO", FBI and the

Scottish Police , surprisingly for the first time in *mid

January 1991 , which was apparently found in

Lockerbie and they confronted me with the fact that

this MST-13 Timer fragment was found in Lockebie and

was a part of the ignition device of the suitcase with

explosives, which caused the Boeing 747 PanAm

Flight 103 to crash, killing 270 people...



ULRICH LUMPERT, 8122 Binz / Kt. Zurich / Switzerland

Page 3  U.L.

*According to Mr. Bollier`s statement he was shown

photographs of the MST-13 Timer fragment (No.PT/35,

PT/35(b) etc.) on 23rd April 1990 by "BUPO" and on

15th November 1990 by FBI and the Scottish Police.


Although the portrayed MST-13 fragment at this time

itself, had been sawed into two pieces apparently

for forensic reasons, it did not escape me that the

MST-13 fragment on the police photograph

(No. PT/35(b) came from the non-operational

MST-13 prototype PC-board that I had stolen; this

because there are clear characteristics e.g. on a

specific soldering terminal, a relay had never been


The soldering terminal was flat and clean at this

place.Take note

: I saw the photograph with the illustration

of the non-processed originals, apparently the

MST-13 Timer fragment under "Evidence No. PT-35,

image 9 from Crownoffice, gov. UK", for the first time

at MEBO Ltd after the "Lockerbie- Appeal 2001",

before my first Affidavit.

I clearly recognize the scratched remnants of the

soldering tracts on this enlarged digital police

photograph. I had nothing to do with the letter "M"

(possibly an abbreviation of Muster 'sample'), which


When I realized that the MST-13 PC-board, after it

was handed over by me without permission was

misused for deliberate politically criminal "action", it

was clear to me that I was stuck "in the middle of it"

and decided to keep quiet, for it could have been

extremely dangerous for me as an unintentional "bearer of secrets"...

I am sorry for the consequences of my silence at that

time for the innocent Libyan Mr. Abdelbaset Al

Megrahi, sentenced to life imprisonment, and for the

country of Libya.


ULRICH LUMPERT, 8122 Binz / Kt. Zurich, Switzerland

Page 4  U.L.

With the information known to me I would like to put

an end to the accusation that Libya is responsible for

the Lockerbie Tragedy by "manufacturing" MST-13

Timer-Link with criminal intent.



6.> The reason why I reveal this fundamentally impor-

tant information only today :

I would like to use this opportunity to clear my

conscience, because I cannot be prosecuted for

stealing, delivering and making false statements about

the MST-13 Timer PC-board, on grounds of statutory



7.> The time is right for this, because action for a 2and

Appeal has been granted in the "Lockerbie Case" on

account of "Miscarriage of Justice"

I would also like to apologize to Mr. Meister and Mr.

Bollier, MEBO Ltd for the damage caused to their


I herewith declare that the contents of the Affidavit

are true.

4 pages.

 Zürich, 18.07.2007


 (U.L.)  Ulrich Lumpert

__________________________________________________________Only valid for the German Affidavit


Official Certification

This is to certify that this copy corresponds exactly with the document (4 single pages) shown to us this day and declared to be the orginal.

Zurich, this 18. 07. 2007

B No. 2070



Walter Wieland, certifying officer





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