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"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Sir Walter Scott.

November 1, 2008.    There have been additional important developments: Megrahi wins legal victory; Megrahi diagnosed with cancer and has only weeks to live; Scottish legal system requiring important changes; victims' families gathering at Heathrow on December 21 for 20th year memorial service.

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emails 2008\Megrahi wins legal victory, posted Nov.1 2008.doc

emails 2008\Bollier offers Megrahi medical treatment, posted Nov1 2008.doc

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emails 2008\Ludwig de Braekeleer accuses..posted Nov. 1, 2008.doc

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emails 2008\Megrahi treated shabbily, posted Nov. 1 2008.doc

emails 2008\Megrahi to stay in Scotland for cancer treatment, posted Nov.1 2008.doc

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October 18, 2008.    There have been important developments in the Megrahi Appeal.  Comments by Dr. Swire and Ed Bollier can be viewed by clicking the following hyperlinks.

emails 2008\DrSwire ltr.and newpaper articles Oct 17 2008.doc

emails 2008\MEBO comment on Megrahi Appeal, Oct 17 2008.doc

emails 2008\Compensation from Libya posted Oct 17 2008.doc

September, 2008.    Edwin Bollier has sent me the following email which contains an ITN news broadcast of Lumpert confessing that he lied during the Lockerbie trial.

emails 2008\Lumpert confession, posted Sept.10 2008.doc

September 8, 2008.  You can now watch BBC2 documentary, aired on Sunday, August 31, 2008, and referred to below:

In the event that the above link shows the video is currently unavailable, it can be accessed through

In my opinion, BBC2 did not adequately cover the problems with the Lockerbie case in this documentary.  For the viewer to see other, in-depth documentaries, it is recommended that you visit my website

August 29, 2008.  This is to alert you regarding an important documentary on Lockerbie entitled, "THE CONSPIRACY FILES: LOCKERBIE".

This documentary will be broadcast on Sunday, 31st August, 2008, at 2100 BST on BBC Two.  Once I have obtained a link to this documentary, I will update this website and will include other important information on the Lockerbie case.  Meanwhile, you might like to visit the following link which will give you an insight into what the documentary will consider.

emails 2008\letters and comments, Aug.29 2008.doc

August 14, 2008

There has been an interesting development in U.S./Libya relationships.  Libya has agreed to further compensate the families of the victims of Pan Am 103.

This surprising development is curious in that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will be making an announcement on the Megrahi Second Appeal on August 22, 2008. 

June 19, 2008

Dr. Hans Koechler has written a scathing article about the judicial system in Scotland - calling it no better than a banana republic.  Furthermore, lawyers are demanding more compensation from Libya despite the fact that Libya may be absolved of the crime any day.  The following hyperlinks offer you details of these discussions.

emails 2008\Prosecution against complete appeal posted June 19 2008.doc

emails 2008\Compensation claims, posted June 18, 2008.doc

emails 2008\Swire article in The Firm, posted June 18 2008.doc

emails 2008\Sunday Times and Scotsman, posted June 18 2008.doc


June 4, 2008

There have been some extremely important developments in the Lockerbie case since the last posting.  The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission has completed a three day review of Megrahi's Second Appeal and it is quite possible that Megrahi may be released from prison by the end of the summer.  The following points should be considered.


If Megrahi is released because certain documents cannot be shown to his defense team, then will Libya be in a position to claim compensation for having been wrongly accused of the Lockerbie crime?  The compensation could be as much as hundreds of billions of dollars! 


If Megrahi could be released in the next few months, why is the U.S. administration claiming more compensation from Libya for the Lockerbie victims' families?


It is recommended that you follow the articles by Steven Raeburn in THE FIRM magazine at

Please read the following email postings for details.

emails 2008\Lockerbie Secret Document Revealed, posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Article from Scotland on Sunday posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Excellent article by Ludwig de Braekeleer posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Herald, Another twist in Lockerbie trial, posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Swire letter to Herald, posted June 2 2008.doc

emails 2008\Important article by THE FIRM, posted June 4 2008.doc

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emails 2008\Bollier fragment analysis, posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Why did Libya pay compensation, posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Spielberg to direct Lockerbie movie, posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Les Coleman reaction to Emerson article, posted June 4 2008.doc

emails 2008\Drug circus again, posted June 4 2008.doc

May 9, 2008

There appears to be little doubt that a conspiracy has been undertaken to place the blame of the Lockerbie disaster on Libya.  Piece by piece the conspiracy appears to be unraveling!

emails 2008\History of green and brown MST-13 timer fragment.doc

emails 2008\Green Brown MST-13 timer part 2 posted May 8 2008.doc

emails 2008\From l Arabiya news channel posted May 9 2008.doc

May 5, 2008

There have been some significant developments in the Lockerbie case since March 26, 2008.  Edwin Bollier, President of MEBO has received legal assistance and can now file some damaging lawsuits against the authorities and other government employees who apparently have lied to the courts on the Lockerbie case.  Steven Spielberg is planning a movie on the Lockerbie disaster, based upon a book by author Juval Aziz.  Megrahi's attorney, Mr. Tony Kelly, is proceeding forward on Megrahi's second appeal.  The following emails will make interesting reading.  Following is an interesting email I received from Edwin Bollier concerning his meeting with a Libyan prosecutor.

To: Carl Davies <>
References: <>

After a meeting at the 24 April 2008 in Zurich/Switzerland,

Justice Hamidi Faraj Fannoush (Libya) and Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd.) can admits to be made, that before beginning of the Appeal at the High Court in Edinburgh three further hearings will take place, if possible before the court holidays.

The next hearing is to start at the beginning of May 2008; with the demand of Mr Megrahi' s lawers to reject the SCCRC-ruling about the limit for grounds in Megrahi's appeal. (SCCRC limit of 6 grounds)

Tony Kelly said:

"We don't have to limit our appeal on the grounds the Commission has identified. We have carte blanche to make it on as many grounds as we want."
This includes the claims about the most important MEBO MST-13 fragment of the bomb's timing mechanism that was allegedly found in the countyside near Lockerbie in the months after the atrocity.

Not forgotten, only the MST-13 fragment entangles Libya with the Lockerbie Tragedy.

Thus at the beginning of the Appeals, earliest can be counted at the end of September/October 2008.

MEBO will start next week a Criminal Complaint against persons of the Swiss Federal Police (ex BUPO), in the connection with the assistant shank with an important evidence-fraud of Scottish investigation officials.

(International law support against the Scottish Justice.) (Concerns the

MST-13 timer fragment, regarding the Falsification Evidence In the Lockerbie Case


Edwin Bolllier

emails 2008\Biggest fraud in Scottish history posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Biggest fraud (2) posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Proposal for a partial disclosure, posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Memo to Kelly re YouTube posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Lockerbie - The Biggest Fraud posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Witness Dr.Ludwig, reply Dr.Swire posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Big Oil wants relief from Libya posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Meeting MEBO and Fannoush posted May 5 2008.doc

emails 2008\Spielberg Lockerbie film posted May 5 2008.doc


March 26, 2008

Please read the following emails for the latest developments on the Lockerbie case.

emails 2008\Scotsman 7th March 08. posted Mar 26 2008.doc

emails 2008\Update from Mebo, posted Mar 26, 2008.doc

emails 2008\The MST-13 timer review, posted March 26, 2008.doc

March 11, 2008

You have to admire Abdelbaset al-Megrahi for insisting on staying in Scotland until he receives a new trial and is exonerated.  He could have been transferred back to Libya under a prisoner exchange arrangement between the Libyan and British governments.  Read the following emails for details.

emails 2008\Judges reject interference claims in Lockerbie appeal posted March 11 2008.doc

emails 2008\Herald letter of Mar.10 posted March 11 2008.doc

emails 2008\l Megrahi exluded from prison exchange posted March 11 2008.doc

March 7, 2008

The conflict between the British Government and the Scottish Parliament continues.  Dr. Hans Koechler is taking the case to the European Court on Human Rights and plans are underway to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster.

emails 2008\20th anniversary BBC News posted Mar 7,2008.doc

emails 2008\Herald Feb 24, Milliband has made Lockerbie, posted March 7 2008.doc

emails 2008\Feb 25 Statement by Dr Hans Koechler posted Mar 7 2008.doc

emails 2008\Mar 2 Sunday Herald posted Mar 7 2008.doc

emails 2008\Fulton of M16 surfaces, Mar 7 2008.doc

emails 2008\Does 'Foreign Power' ..MEBO posted Mar 7 2008.doc

emails 2008\High Court to issue decision, posted Mar 7 2008.doc

emails 2008\Devolution committee to reconvene posted Mar 7 2008.doc



February 26, 2008

I recommend that you read the following emails to understand how the UK government is attempting to give Megrahi an honest second appeal.  There is a huge disagreement between the British and Scottish government officials as to how Megrahi should be treated.

emails 2008\Straw and The Deal in the Desert (a) Feb 26 2008.doc

emails 2008\The Deal in the Desert (b) Feb 26 2008.doc

emails 2008\The Deal in the Desert (c) Feb 26 2008.doc

emails 2008\High Court hearings feb 26 2008.doc

emails 2008\Straw denies deal Feb 26 2008.doc

emails 2008\From the Sunday Herald Feb 26 2008.doc


The British Government is trying to trade Libyan prisoners for an oil deal with BP.  The fact that this trade could include Megrahi has infuriated the Scottish Parliament and should infuriate all of the victims' families.  To read details, please click the following hyperlinks.

emails 2008\BP oil deal and Megrahi trade, posted Feb 7.doc

emails 2008\Megrahi transfer angers Scottish govt, posted Feb 7.doc

February 4, 2008

While we are waiting for the decision by the Scottish Criminal Cases Commission February 20th, there have been some very interesting and worrying developments on the political scene.  Please double click the following hyperlinks for a complete review.

emails 2008\Further articles on Lockerbie Jan 16, posted Feb 4.doc

emails 2008\Richard Marquise comments Jan 18, posted Feb 4.doc

emails 2008\Sunday Post,Buying Evidence Jan 21,posted Feb 4.doc

emails 2008\FT prisoner exchange deal Feb 2, posted Feb 4.doc

emails 2008\Lockerbie - new research Feb 3, posted Feb 4.doc

emails 2008\Megrahi for oil deal, posted Feb 4.doc


January 17, 2008.  While we are waiting for the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission to issue its ruling on whether or not Megrahi should get a Second Appeal, now expected on February 22, 2008, you might like to read the following information.

bulletConfessions of an Iranian Terror Czar.  Double-click the following hyperlink.
bullet emails 2008\Confession of Iranian Terror Czar posted Jan17 2008.doc
bulletFrom Malhaba news agency.
bulletLetter to the New York Times, "Demand more from Libya." 
bulletDouble-click the following hyperlink to read the two articles above.
bullet emails 2008\Interesting reading posted Jan17 2008.doc



January 3, 2008

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission is expected to decide whether Megrahi is entitled to a second appeal.  There is an interesting article in the Malta News (see link below) where it is suggested that the CIA paid Tony Gauchi $2 million to give false testimony to the court.  When Megrahi is granted a second appeal, this will be an important issue.

emails 2007\From Malta News.doc

Meanwhile, relationships between Washington, D.C. and Tripoli are improving.  However Washington is insisting that Libya pays additional compensation to the Pan Am 103 victims' families before full diplomatic relationships will be undertaken.

Details can by found by double clicking the following URL,3566,320052,00.html

If Megrahi is found innocent, it could be that the U.S. and U.K. will have to pay Libya in access of $40 Billion (!) in compensation for having wrongly accused Libya of the Lockerbie disaster.


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