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December 8, 2006.  For those people able to receive their TV broadcasts from SKY in Europe, there will be a very interesting documentary on Lockerbie on the Al-Jazeera English channel.  This documentary should be aired on the 18th anniversary of the crash of Pan Am 103 which took place on December 21st, 1988.

August 1, 2006.  I have received the following two emails from Dr. Jim Swire which I think you will find interesting to read.  Please double click the following hyperlinks.

emails Oct. 2005\Dr. Swire Lest we forget July 6 2006.htm

emails Oct. 2005\From Dr Jim Swire to the Guardian.htm

June 12, 2006.    According to my best information, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will issue its findings by end July, 2006.  The Megrahi sentencing hearing has now been delayed until October, 2006.

There are some considerable legal and political negotiations going on between the Pan Am 103 victims' families and certain interested parties who are seeking the truth about what happened to Pan Am 103.  Please double click the following images to read an email I have just received.  I believe you will find its contents very interesting.


    You can read the interview between Hans Koechler and Al Jazeera by double clicking these two images.













Appeal hearing plea by Megrahi - Lucy Adams (reporter)









May 22, 2006.  There have been some very interesting developments in the Lockerbie case - some of which are very disturbing.  The U.S. government has suddenly removed Libya from the list of "countries supporting terrorism".  On July 11, 2006 Megrahi will appear in court where his prison sentence will be reviewed.  Why are these events are taking place prior to the review by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission which is expected some time in July?  Could it be that the SCCRC is having great difficulty supporting the verdict against Megrahi? 

The following documents have appeared in newspapers and letters and can be seen below:




May 6, 2006.  Abdelbaset al Megrahi.  It has recently been announced that Megrahi will be appearing in the Scottish court on July 11 - 12, 2006 for a hearing related to the length of his prison term.  Some will argue that the term should be longer and others that it should be shorter.  I will keep you posted.

The Megrahi legal team and others are forging ahead with evidence which will ultimately show that Megrahi and, indeed, Libya were not involved in the crash of Pan Am 103.

April 9, 2006.    The British newspaper, "The Sunday Express", published an article entitled "The Lockerbie 'cover-up'".  You can read this article by double clicking the following thumbnails.



The person removed from the crash site was a Lebanese man called Jaffa.  This is a very interesting part of the Lockerbie case, details of which are fully explained in my book.

March 25, 2006.    John Armand aired his Lockerbie documentary on "MSNBC Investigates" at 11 p.m. EST on March 25, 2006.  Unfortunately, this documentary should be classified "a story about Lockerbie" and not "an investigation".  This documentary could have been written five years ago and gave absolutely no indication that the case against Libya is being seriously questioned, as you can read on this web page.



March 10, 2006.

In the next two months there will be two Lockerbie documentaries shown on TV. 

1.    In the U.S., NBC "Dateline" will be airing a documentary on March 26, prepared by John Armand.

2.    In the U.K., a documentary is being prepared for airing on "Panorama" in May or June, 2006.

I have just learnt that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will be issuing its findings sometime in May, 2006.


March 8, 2006.    There have been some important developments in the Lockerbie case, some of which you will find very disturbing.

Dr. Jim Swire has received information that suggested that armaments may have been illegally placed on Pan Am 103.  If these weapons had exploded, they could have contributed to the complete destruction of the aircraft.  On February 3, 2006, Dr. Swire wrote the following letter to the Lord Advocate in Edinburgh, Colin Boyd, requesting an investigation into this report. (This letter is now in the public domain.)  Double click the following hyperlink to read Dr. Swire's letter.

Lockerbie 2006\Lord Advocate ltr.from Swire Feb3,2006.eml

I have located a videoclip from a TV documentary with Dan Rather on the History Channel.  This concerns Flight TWA 840 - a Boeing 747 - from Tel Aviv to Greece, Athens, on April 2, 1986, which experienced an explosion on board caused by an IED as the plane approached Athens.  A hole was blown in the side of this Boeing 747 but it landed at Athens and was later repaired and put back into service.  I have to question why Pan Am 103 disintegrated in mid-air, when the plane should have been able to withstand the explosive forces of a small IED in a suitcase, in the cargo hold.  Could there have been an additional explosion, as detailed in the letter above to the Lord Advocate, or did the plane suffer catastrophic disintergration in Section 41, caused by metal fatigue.  By double clicking the following hyperlink, you can review the TWA 840 incident as it was reported on the History Channel.



Most of the work that is being conducted on the Lockerbie case is being conducted by the Scottish court in Edinburgh.  However, there is an equally important lawsuit being undertaken in Washington, D.C.  Lester B. Coleman became involved with the Lockerbie case shortly after the plane crashed over the town of Lockerbie.  He wrote a book called "The Trail of the Octopus" which was banned in both the U.S. and the U.K. 

If this story had taken placed in Romania during the reign of Nicholae Ceausescus, it would simply be another horrific story about a ruthless dictator.  However, the Lockerbie and the involvement of Lester B. Coleman took place in the United States.

Mr. Coleman has made the following statement:

"I strongly urge you read the attachment, complaint that has been in litigation in the federal district court, wash dc since 09/04.  Repeated efforts by the US govt to dismiss it have been over ruled by US District Judge, Emmett Sulivan. It exposes who was really the root cause of the bombing of pan am 103 and why the US govt was so hell bent to hide it."

Double click the following hyperlinks to review the Lester B. Coleman court papers.


Lockerbie 2006\COLEMAN AFFIDAVIT FEB05.doc

In the Scottish newspaper, "The Scotsman", March 9, 2006, there was a front page article discussing certain activities by the FBI on a case which influences what is happening on the Lockerbie case.  You can read this article on the following link:

Lockerbie 2006\Scotsman Mar 8 2006.jpg


January 27, 2006.    In the next three months there should be some significant events which will cast new light on the Lockerbie case:

1.    Before the end of April there should be an announcement from the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission which will have decided whether or not Mr. Megrahi will stay in jail, be released, or be entitled to a new trial.

2.    My publisher, Algora Publishing of New York, has just informed me that there will be a new book on Lockerbie, written by an "official investigator" in the case.  It will be fascinating to read this book as, hopefully, it will provide us with some additional insight into the case.

3.    A new TV documentary is being prepared for initial distribution in the U.K. and later in the U.S.

Please come back often.  I will keep this webpage up to date.

December 21, 2005.  Seventeen years ago someone placed an IED on Pan Am 103 and caused it to crash over Lockerbie, Scotland.  I have been working on this investigation for 10 years and I hope that in 2006 we can finally determine who was responsible for this disaster.

I have decided to start this new webpage as I believe there will be important developments during 2006.  We have located a Toshiba radio cassette, RT-SF 16, for which we are missing the operator's manual.  We are also seeking three models of the Toshiba radio cassette, RT-453.


Read the following article wherein a police officer has signed a statement to the fact that the Toshiba radio fragment was planted!

The following article was emailed to me from a reliable source.  The validity of this very important article is now being questioned.  The author is a well-respected journalist, but at this point in time we are unable to verify the sources of his information.  I am being very careful not to post any conspiracy articles or anything else that is not properly documented and corroborated.  However, it is an interesting article and it may have been disseminated for the purposes of discrediting Megrahi's legal defense team.  I will keep you posted.


By Marcello Mega


DRAMATIC new evidence could
free the Libyan convicted of the
Lockerbie bombing.

Defence experts have simulated the
explosion that brought down Pan Am
Flight 103 in December 1988.

The results suggested the device which
detonated the Semtex bomb that
destroyed the jumbo jet could not have
survived the explosion.

A fragment of circuit board from the
bomb was the crucial piece of evidence
that secured the conviction of Abdelbaset
Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi. He is now serv-
ing 27 years for mass murder.

Sources close to Megrahi's lawyers said
the new tests pointed to the evidence hav-
ing been planted at the scene of the crash.

They claim the entire case against him
is unravelling as they prepare to appeal
his conviction.

One said: 'His team can now demon-
strate how investigators began with the
solution they wanted to arrive at, Libyan
responsibility, and worked backwards to
construct a case that fitted.'

The source added that Megrahi's
legal team claimed they had obtained
'clear proof that investigators had
'planted and manipulated' evidence.

He said: 'There is little doubt now
that Megrahi will be granted a fresh
appeal, that his conviction will be
quashed and, if there is any justice in
Scotland, that certain Scottish police
officers will be jailed for their part in
the proceedings.'

Megrahi's lawyers already have a
sworn statement from a retired

'Case against him
is unravelling'


TECHNICAL EVIDENCE: Reconstructions and exhibits from Megrahi's trial. The circled piece
of debris, above right, was identified as a circuit board fragment from a Mebo MST13 timer


Scottish police officer confirm-
ing that evidence had been
planted to secure the Libyan's
conviction. A similar claim was
made by a former CIA agent.

The new forensic tests were
carried out on behalf of Megrahi's
lawyers at a secret European
location only a few weeks ago in
the presence of leading
explosives experts.

The source said: 'A number of
explosions were carried out in a
controlled environment repli-
cating the circumstances of the
Lockerbie bomb, with 300g of
Semtex and a timing mecha-
nism within radio-cassette
recorders. Each time, scientists
confirmed nothing remained of
the timing devices or the plastic
components of the radios. They
were completely vaporised.

'This begs the question: how
did the crucial fragment survive
on December 21,1988?'

His legal team will now claim
the tests prove that the piece
produced for Megrahi's trial
must have been planted.

Megrahi was convicted in 2001
of the murders of 270 people.
His co-accused, Al Amin
Khalifa Fhimah, was acquitted.

An appeal was dismissed and
Megrahi was sentenced to life,


with a minimum term of 27
years. He is currently held in
Greenock Prison.

Following his failed appeal,
Megrahi sacked his legal team
and instructed new lawyers.

In 2003, they took his case to
the Scottish Criminal Cases
Review Commission (SCCRC)
which can order fresh appeals.
They outlined the claims of the
ex-CIA man that the fragment of
circuit board had been planted
under orders from a very high
level in the organisation.

The fragment was found by
two policemen during a search
of a wood near Newcastleton, 35
miles from Lockerbie.

It was later identified by the
ClA's Thomas Thurman as being
part of a sophisticated timer
device made by Swiss firm
Mebo. Thurman was later
unmasked as a fraud who had
given false evidence in Ameri-
can murder trials.

But his identification of the
fragment led investigators to
Mebo's Zurich HQ and the dis-
covery that the MST13 timers
had been supplied only to Libya
and the East German Stasi.

The SCCRC is expected to
announce a decision in May, but


Megrahi's team is so confident
the case will be returned to the
Appeal Court it is working flat
out on the conduct of that appeal.

A well-placed source said: 'I
have never seen such a convinc-
ing argument for a conviction
being quashed. Even before the
explosives tests totally destroyed
the key plank of the Crown's
case, all the supporting pillars
had already been demolished.

'Megrahi's team have first-

'US authorities
wrote the script'

hand eye-witness accounts of
how the case was put together
and who did what. The

authorities wrote the script, but
UK investigators became heav-
ily involved. Some should go to
jail for what they have done.
One officer in particular will do
well to avoid prison.

'Not only has Megrahi been
wrongfully convicted and taken
away from his home and family,
but those who loved the 270 vic-
tims have been treated with dis-
dain. They have been presented


with a fabricated case and
denied true justice.'

Many, including Dr Jim Swire,
who lost his daughter Flora in
the bombing, believe the Popu-
lar Front for the Liberation of
Palestine-General Command
(PFLP-GC) - were responsible.

US Defence Intelligence
Agency documents dated 1994,
more than two years after the
two Libyans were identified to
the world as the suspects, still
described the PFLP-GC as the
Lockerbie bombers.

One prominent legal source
said: 'Britain and the US were
telling the world it was Libya,
but in their private communica-
tions they acknowledged that
they knew it was the PFLP-GC.

'The case has unravelled
largely because when they
wrote the script, they never
expected to have to act it out.

'Nobody expected agreement
for a trial to be reached, but it
was, and in preparing a manufac-
tured case, mistakes were made.

'Megrahi's first legal team did
not exploit those mistakes, but
his current team are picking
them off one by one. This will be
revealed as the most gross mis-
carriage of justice of all time.'



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