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December 16, 2015   It has just been announced by Mr. Martin Kobler - United Nations envoy - that Libyan factions have signed a United Nations sponsored deal to form a unity government for Libya.  According to Mr. Kobler, this is a very good start to create a unified Libyan government that can negotiate with other government leaders, and to open up an opportunity for investment in Libya and to implement the necessary laws to create a secure environment for the Libyan people.

The BBC "The Inquiry" has reviewed the Libyan situation in detail on March 11, 2015.  This program is readily available on the BBC website.  One can listen to "The Inquiry" episode which is entitled "Who wants what in Libya?"  Alternatively, this program can be accessed in the following link:


On October 6, 2015, FRONTLINE aired a documentary called "My Brother's Bomber".  In the documentary, Ken Dorstein discussed the Lockerbie case with Dr.Jim Swire and learnt that Dr. Swire did not believe that Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was responsible for the crash of Pan Am 103.  Why didn't Mr. Dorstein investigate further as to why Dr. Swire has spent decades demonstrating that Megrahi was not involved?

The reader should visit Dr. Swire's website:

It is recommended to those wishing to learn the truth about the crash of Pan Am 103 that they might want to start the investigation by watching the first documentary on Lockerbie entitled, "The Maltese Doublecross".  You can watch this documentary by visiting my other website: videos

After viewing this documentary, you should watch three documentaries in which Mr. George Thomson, the principal Scottish investigator on the Lockerbie case, is featured.  For over 20 years qualified investigators have suspected that the timer fragment and the radio fragment could not possibly have survived the explosion on Pan Am 103.  Mr. Thomson and a number of qualified investigators have been studying these fragments in great detail.  In the event that it is shown that these fragments were planted, then the entire claim that Megrahi was responsible for planting an IED on Pan Am 103 falls apart.  Work continues on the fragment investigation. In the event that it is shown that the timer fragment was planted, maybe the circuit boards found at Togo and Senegal were also planted.

If it is shown that a serious cover-up of the Lockerbie case had been undertaken, should not the Libyan people be compensated for their sufferings during the two economic sanction periods starting in 1986?  What would be an appropriate compensation amount?  $300 billion ?   On January 25, 2016, on the BBC, there was an interview with the Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Company during which it is suggested that Libya has lost several hundred million dollars during the previous three years.  To listen to the interview, follow the link:


Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on lawsuits.  Maybe it is time for the recognized Libyan government leaders in Tobruk to get together with the leaders of the government entity in Tripoli - the National Salvation Government.  Together, these two Libyan authorities could make a claim for compensation.  The Libyan Investment Authority in Malta could provide the funds for the legal expenses.

The next six sections will be developed over the next few weeks.

Section 1.  Libyan students.  On January 2, 2016, the BBC aired a program called "The Documentary" which reviewed a Libyan student educational program at Cambridge University.  This program was designed by a Libyan with the intention of educating a number of Libyans who would be extremely valuable for the rebuilding of Libya.  This program can be heard as a download from the BBC - alternatively, you can listen to the program on the following link:

Recordings\Libyan students.mp3

Section 2.    Why has Libya been under attack?

Do a Google search on Melvin Goodman.  He has written books, given talks on YouTube, and has given numerous interviews on tv and radio.

Listen to what General Wesley Clarke said about why the U.S. attacked Iraq and was prepared to attack seven other countries.  This interview can be heard by visiting Dr. Swire's website at

Read James Risen's book "Pay any Price. Greed, Power and Endless War." and weep!

Section 3.    Lockerbie case continues. The U.S. FBI and the Scottish police have gone to Libya to interrogate two Libyans -

Abdullah Al-Senoussi  and  Mohammed Abouajela Masud.

Google the following two Libyans as well: Moussa Koussa and Musbah Eter.

Section 4.    The murder of Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher on 17th April, 1984.  31 years after her death, an inquiry into this incident appears to have surfaced, with the arrest of a Libyan accused of money-laundering.  On Nov.19, 2015, the BBC interviewed a Libyan reporter for details of this murder. Google the conversation between Tony Blair and Gaddafi concerning her death, and also check out the recent transcript of a phone conversation between Blair and Gaddafi, known as the "Deal in the Desert".

Section 5.    The bombing of the LaBelle nightclub in Hamburg, Germany, on 5th April, 1986.  American servicemen were known to frequent this club.  Google the name of the club for details. s

Section 6.    The U.S. bombing attack on Libya on 15th April,1986.  President Reagan decided to attack Libya 10 days after the bombing of the LaBelle nightclub.  The air attack was launched from the U.K., and the governments of France and Spain refused to allow the planes to use their airspace.

Section 7.    Draconian economic sanctions on Libya.   The economic sanctions imposed on Libya in 1996 were based upon the claim that Libya was responsible for the crash of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  If it can be shown that these sanctions were imposed based upon fabricated evidence, what would be the appropriate compensation for the Libyan people?  A discussion of sanctions imposed on Libya for over 40 years can be viewed at:

Section 8.    Nose cone: Pan Am 103, TWA 800, Air India 182. There was a lecture at Kennebunkport on June 21, 2014, by a govt. engineer who described the Lockerbie case in detail.  During this lecture this engineer suggested that the nose cone on Pan Am 103 was clearly severed from the main body of the plane by a plasma arc generated during the explosion of an IED.  I suggest you google "plasma arc" and you will realize that this conclusion was complete nonsense.  You can listen to this part of the lecture by double-clicking the following link:


I find it even more interesting that the nose - known as Section 41 - separated from the main body of both TWA 800 and Air India 182.  Was a plasma arc involved in these crashes?

Section 9.   The following information was originally on my Home Page.


Updated July 22, 2013

There has been a startling revelation.  It turns out that the two Gauci brothers in the Mary's clothing store in Malta were bribed to frame Megrahi.  Read details in the hyperlink.

Emails 2009\new revelations, Oct. 5 2009.doc

For further details about the Gauci brothers, and further proof that neither Megrahi or the Libyan government were involved with the crash of Pan Am 103, it is recommended that you review the latest videos on the subject, which can be accomplished by double-clicking the following URLs.


Updated September 18, 2009

There have been two important developments in the Lockerbie case.

1.    Megrahi is now back in Libya and although he has dropped his Second Appeal he has a website where he claims his innocence.

2.    There is an important document prepared by Gareth Peirce, a researcher who has studied the Lockerbie case in detail.  Access to excerpts and the full document can be seen at the following hyperlink.

Documents\Extracts from Gareth Peirce docs. Sept. 18 2009.doc

However, I recommend you access Professor Robert Black's excellent, up-to-date blog for the latest information on recent significant developments in the Lockerbie case.

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To review some of the previous documentaries, I suggest you visit my new webpage at:


August 29, 2008.  For the latest information on the Lockerbie case, please double click the following hyperlink.


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August 3, 2007.  Edwin Bollier of MEBO TELECOMMUNICATIONS has made a startling breakthrough.  I have created a special webpage for your review.  MEBO breakthru


The original Home Page can be accessed by double clicking the following hyperlink:Plane-Truth

Based upon the fact that this website has been covering the crashes of Pan Am 103 (December 21, 1988), TWA 800 (July 17, 1996), and Air India 182 (June 23, 1985), I have decided to create three new webpages where one can quickly read what is currently active on these separate investigations.

The latest information on the Pan Am 103 investigation can be accessed by double clicking the following hyperlink:  lockerbie_2007.htm

The latest information on the TWA 800 investigation can be accessed by double clicking the following hyperlink:    twa_800,_2007.htm

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January 8, 2007.  There have been some significant developments in both the Pan Am 103 crash investigation and the TWA 800 crash investigation.




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