From Dr Jim Swire,father of Flora, murdered at Lockerbie 21/12/88.


Letters editor, the GUARDIAN


Sir,                                                                                18/7/06


Writing in the New York Times in November 1991, A M Rosenthal said "With a short sentence President Bush (Senior) deeply damaged the credibility and significance of the inquiry into the blowing up of Pan Am 103. The Syrians he said "took a bum rap on this""


Not only did the then President destroy the credibility of the search for those behind what remains the greatest mass terrorist slaughter ever to occur within the UK, he signalled that US 'justice' had become a tool of US foreign policy.


Current CIA and Mossad conctacts tell me that the reason that Bush (senior) deliberately diverted attention from Syria's involvement in Lockerbie was that he realised that even the US could not afford to confront Syria (nor the instigator, Syria's close ally, Iran), since their huge armies and their affiliated terrorist groups would, if attacked, spread conflagration right across the Middle East.


Perhaps the Bush family's vocabulary in moving from a 'bum rap' to his son's aside yesterday  to Blair concerning (sic) 'Syrian shit'  shows improved recognition of reality


The cynical dishonesty of Bush senior's volte face has surely now come back to haunt his son and all of of the world, magnified through the lens of time.