Lockerbie, sudden wealth for a key witness?


A source has alleged to me that Toni Gauchi and his brother have left Malta and are now living a wealthy lifestyle in Australia.


Gauchi was a key witness in the Lockerbie case, the owner of a small clothing store in Sliema, Malta, if he has suddenly become wealthy and left Malta, it would be of great interest to those who seek the truth about Lockerbie to know why.


In view of recent speculation in the HERALD (Glasgow) and elsewhere about attempts to give him $2,000,000, it is possible there may be serious significance in this allegation.


Can you help?


This email has gone to a number of Dr Jim Swire's contacts round the world.


You may consider it irrelevant to you, if so, I apologise.


Please let me know urgently if you have, or could search for, any relevant information. 


Dr Jim Swire (