To Scottish Press Association.


I understand that Mr Blair discussed the question of the repatriation of Libyan nationals from the UK with Colonel Gaddafi, when in Sirte on 29th May.


Incredibly it seems (from a number 10 spokesperson today) that we are being asked to believe that this concerns other  Libyan nationals, but not Megrahi.


Who could believe that? Not even a spin doctor, surely


No mention of any discussion was given to us the Lockerbie relatives. It was not until Alex Salmond raised the issue in Holyrood that we heard anything about it. Mr Salmond should indeed remain indignant: Scotland has been insulted.


Mr Blair is aware that a significant number of his citizens were brutally murdered in 1988 at Lockerbie in what remains to this day the largest terrorist outrage to occur in the UK. He knows that we, their relatives, continue to suffer bereavements made the more unbearable by the failure of our own government to address the obvious need for a full and independent inquiry.


In 1990, by an official in President Bush (Snr's) inquiry into the atrocity, we were told, on a visit to the US embassy in Grosvenor Square that 'Your Government and ours know exactly what happened but they're never going to tell'.


It seems that remains true today. Why is that? Must we go to the European Courts for our right to know?


It is known that Mr Megrahi is pining for his family, and speaking personally as someone who does not believe that the verdict should ever have been reached, I would welcome his repatriation, for humanitarian reasons.


Both the Libyan regime and Mr Megrahi have assured me that they would pursue an overturning of the verdict no matter where Mr Megrahi was imprisoned. If that is true, then our search for the truth should not be impeded by his repatriation.


However, as Downing Street have commented today, the matter is sub judice awaiting the decision of the SCCRC (Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission) which, after more than three years, is at last due by the end of this month. It seems prudent to wait for that announcement before considering the matter further.


Dr Jim Swire, father of Flora, murdered at Lockerbie.






Dr Jim Swire (