email letter to Editor, from Jim Swire, in response to Worldpress article.




As the father of Flora, one of the UK victims of the Lockerbie bombing, I found your article interesting reading.


In our UK Lockerbie families group we place a high priority on reducing the likelyhood of future terrorism.


The re-establishment of full diplomatic normality to Libya as soon as possible, as the UK has done, seems to many of us to be an important aid to that end.


You are aware I expect that the criminal case against the two accused Libyans is still active and that many believe that the guilty verdict against one(Megrahi) may not survive an ongoing appeal process due to complete next year in Scotland.

The second man (Fahima) was found not guilty as charged, at


We have access to no information linking Libya to the atrocity other than that led against the two accused at Zeist.


If it should turn out that there is in fact no valid case to prove the two Libyans' involvement in Lockerbie, presumably the US will accelerate removal of obstacles to normal relations.


Dr Jim Swire (