It appears that when Tony Blair met Gaddafi recently they discussed the transfer of Magrahi 'To serve the rest of his sentence in Libya'. Such a move was dependent on the outcome of legal review of his case (ie, the SCCRC's decision whether to refer the matter back to the Scottish appeal court; this decision being due by the end of the month.)


Personally I would welcome such a transfer, as it is known that Megrahi is pining for more contact with his wife and children, and I personally do not believe for one moment that he is guilty as charged anyway.


What the tie-up between this proposition of repatriation and the multi billion $ agreement over hydrocarbons between BP and Libya might be, who can guess?


The signs are that both he and the Libyan regime (which of course holds the purse strings) are determined to pursue an overturning of the verdict whether Megrahi is held in Libya or Scotland.


So long as this is true, such a transfer should not interfere with our search for the truth.


Dr Jim Swire (