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    1.     The Libyans did not bomb Pan Am 103.  I believe Section 41, the front section of the plane, broke off from the main fuselage due to metal fatigue failure following a small bomb against the side of the plane. This plane was designed to withstand such an event and should have been able to make an emergency landing in Glasgow. Who placed that bomb there is still unknown although all of the evidence has not been considered in a court of law.

    2.    TWA 800 suffered the same metal fatigue failure problem. As Section 41 broke away it took part of Section 42 and this possibly mislead the analysts to believe an explosion took place in the central fuel tank. The central fuel tank is near Section 42 under the wings. I have never seen a picture of the nose of TWA 800 anywhere in the press or the Internet. Likewise the Pan Am 103 nose (Section 41) is completely separated from the reconstructed Pan Am 103.

    3.    It is understood that the president and vice president knew about the Boeing 747 problems and kept it quiet. Vice President Al Gore admitted it was metal fatigue along with Jim Hall, chairman of the NTSB. This was announced based on a lawsuit brought against Al Gore and the Department of Transportation by Victoria Cummock who lost her husband on Pan Am 103. Victoria Cummock was approached by the president to join the "White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security" and first agreed and then opted out. The details can be seen in "The American Spectator" July 1997. Federico Pena must have known too when he was Secretary of Transportation.

    4.    I believe the FAA knew about the problems since it was involved with TransAtlantic Aerospace and its business plan.

    5.    I believe the management of TWA knew about the problem with TWA 800 as the plane was due to be repaired and the parts were ordered in March, 1996 just a few months before the accident.

    6.    I believe the Libyans may have a major claim against the USA and Britain in the order of $300-500 billion dollars. That would get the world's attention. Wow!


    1.     Based on the information contained this book, "Plane Truth" together with Bollier's recommendations and the work of Christopher Protheroe a full investigation should be undertaken with an international "Board of Inquiry" overseeing the work to ensure that the facts are forthcoming and not locked up with national security or other politically correct privileges. New tests must be undertaken to determine if the bomb that allegedly brought down Pan Am 103 was in a radio, in a suitcase, in a container or was it placed against the side of the plane? A few tests would go a long way to bringing final closure to such nagging questions. Otherwise, we will have another "Who killed President Kennedy?" stories ad nausium

    2.    The sanctions against Libya must be lifted immediately.

    3.    In the last few years Boeing has been manufacturing planes at an unprecedented rate (sometimes as many as 48 per month -- an amazing achievement)  and should now issue a statement on how many of the first 685 planes are still flying; which are used for passengers and which for freight; which are no longer flying; which planes have been repaired and do the repairs included the two floors in Sections 41 and 42. What are the metallurgical facts surrounding these earlier than expected metal fatigue fractures? Boeing is an exceptionally well-respected company with over sixty years of experimental and commercial aviation and space successes. Honest answers should be forthcoming.

    4.    The US Congress should initiate a full inquiry into the workings of the FAA and its relationship to the Administration. The safety of airplane travel, as controlled by the FAA, has been under question for some time and it goes way beyond its incompetence as demonstrated by the ex-Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, when he points out the fact that the FAA still uses vacuum tubes (1940 technology) for aircraft control as opposed to computer chips.

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