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"Plane Truth" 

Book Sales Page, Bibliography and Related Stories.

Here is a copy of the front cover page of my book, "Plane Truth", which is now available from the publisher, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other stores. This book represents a summary of a four-year investigation into three crashes of Boeing 747 aircraft of early vintage. These crashes were Pan Am 103, TWA 800 and Air India 182. (Click imafrontpage.jpg (475890 bytes)ge to see a full-sized picture) There have been any number of books written about these individual crashes; none has revealed the information you will find within these pages. 

This book is for all to read. It is the story of a private investigator's life in the business world and how, through a curious set of circumstances, he became aware of certain
facts which simply demanded an in-depth investigation. On Wednesday, July 17, 1996, when TWA 800 went down off Long Island, this story took on a life of its own. The author traveled
the world, interviewed the various protagonists in this drama, met a few of the families of the victims, followed the trials of the two Libyans accused of bombing Pan Am 103, and witnessed the entire investigation of the crash of TWA 800. As you will soon learn if you buy this book, there are many who do not believe the official version of events. There will be documentaries made based on my book and a movie scriptwriter has agreed to work on the movie. 

To enhance your curiosity, as you read my book, you might be interested in exploring some very extraordinary stories on related websites. Some of the people working on these websites are remarkably dedicated investigators who seek nothing but the truth.

It is important that you review the story behind the TWA 800 case. The best sight is This page will clearly explain why TWA 800 was not brought down by an explosion in the central fuel tank. The situation is very well explained and I agree with the basic conclusions. I do not believe in the missile theory.

The story of Lester Coleman is a potential book of its own. Lester Coleman has filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit -- find out more in the Pan Am 103 website.


The stories behind Edwin Bollier is another potentially interesting book. Bollier has filed several criminal lawsuits --- wonder why? Is Bollier a greedy liar as portrayed by both the Lockerbie prosecutor and defense? The evidence in the "Opinion of the Court" would certainly lead one to conclude that he was an unreliable witness. However, Bollier conducted a very detailed technical analysis of what happened to Pan Am 103 and it's very compelling.
Check his website at In my opinion the Bollier investigation should play a key part in the appeal process. Additional tests need to be conducted. The question becomes who is interested and who will pay. Certainly, Libya has a vested interest based on the continuation of the economic sanctions.

General Discussion, Data Sources and Stories: 

These are a few URLs, which can be very informative, supportive and intriguing.

If you want to be really shocked and disgusted, check out the areas of
the world where economic sanctions of being applied, trashing millions
of innocent people; log onto :- These misguided
political pressures also cost the USA 10's of billions of exports and they
create enemies and terrorists. Check out the companies that oppose
these sanctions.

John Barry Smith's site is very thorough and convincing.

Consider this: There has been at least eight plane crashes in which 1,992 innocent people have died and many question the official explanation for the cause of these accidents. Table of accidents and the number of victims.

Pan Am 103        259
TWA 800            230
Swiss Air 111      229
Korean Airlines 007    269
Air India 182       329
Egypt Air 990      216
UTA 772              170
Iran Air 655         290

I'm reminded of a book I read decades ago called, "The Secret of Santa Vittoria" by Robert Crichton and later made into a movie starring Anthony Quinn. The story takes place in a small town in Italy as the Germans were retreating after WW II. The Germans were plundering these towns including the wine. The local drunk and mayor of Santa Vittoria, Bombolini, decided to move most of the wine and hide it. Then, when the Germans came, the whole town gathered around the remaining bottles and begged the Germans not to take the only wine they had left. The technique is now called, "Rabbit Patching" wherein one places a fence
around the main garden with a small garden outside the fence for the rabbits to eat and become totally occupied with its contents. Now I believe this technique is being imposed on the general public, which generally lacks the technical knowledge to question why they are told to eat in the rabbit patch. There are some of us out there that can see over the fence. (The movie is available through

This quote was made by Lord Bernard Weatherill in Houston in June 1992. The quote was originally attributed to Benjamin Disraeli and updated by Lord Weatherill. Lord Weatherill was speaker of the British parliament and his quote is as valuable today has it was over one hundred years ago. On November 11, 1999 I was Lord Weatherill's guest for the day of remembrance for those who have fallen in wars and were not forgotten. It was also the day when the "Weatherill Amendment" prevented Tony Blair from trashing the 800-year old institution,
The House of Lords; the equivalent of our US Senate.


“One can trace the demise of many of the great civilizations of history in a circle. They fade away less often as a result of enemy action but much more frequently by decay from within:- 

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith

From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage

From Great Courage to Liberty

From Liberty to Abundance

From Abundance to Apathy

From Apathy to Dependency

From Dependency once again into Bondage. 

Apathy is Freedom’s most dangerous enemy! We should never forget Plato’s injunction “the penalty that good men (and women) pay for failing to participate in public affairs is to be governed by others worse than themselves!" In a democracy there is no “them and us”---we can exercise our democratic freedoms to chose our leaders through the ballot box---every country gets the government it deserves."

Apathy is with us and Gore would have taken you into dependency --- then imagine the next step. Get out and vote every time.


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29. "Cover-up of Convenience" Ian Ferguson & John Ashton

"Plane Truth" can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and

Sales in the UK and Europe are available at   There are plenty of books available.   You can also check websites at Algora Publishing . Your local book store should be able to obtain the book for you. The distributor is Baker &Taylor and some books are with Ingrams. ISBN 1-892941-57-0.

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