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Testimonies and trial transcripts

Regular trial transcripts:
The Scottish Court Office is ready to release daily court transcripts to the public at a charge of 100 Dutch gulden (30 UK pounds/50 USD). Transcripts are released by the court through the press office at the Media Centre in Camp Zeist. The court can email transcripts for each day first thing the following morning.

For getting a copy of the court transcripts, contact the Scottish Courts Media Center at Camp Zeist:
Mail: Postbus 1990, NL-3700 BZ Zeist - The Nederlands
Phone: (+31) 346 334787or 346 334788
Fax: (+31) 346 334795
E-mail: Assistant Press Officer

NB ! Pan Am 103-relatives can get free daily transcripts by accessing the restricted website at

Transcripts were also published freely in a reader-friendly format by the Scottish journalist Ian Ferguson on his website at Below are direct links to those direct transcripts he has published free to read:

  • Prosecution summing up case, January 10, 2001
  • Prosecution summing up case, January 9, 2001
  • Discussing the Syrian letter, Devember 5, 2000
  • Judges toss Fhima´s aquittal motion, November 29, 2000
  • Defence demands case against Fhima dropped, November 28, 2000
  • Testimony of Abu Talb, week 29
  • Testimony of Abu Talb, week 28
  • Testimony from November 8, 2000
  • Testimony from October 31, 2000
  • Adjournment request, October 24, 2000
  • 15-minutes session, October 23, 2000
  • Testimony of Giaka, week 22, 2000

    Transcript courtesy of

    Read also this report featuring the Giaka-week and his strange testimony in court:

  • On the spot-version of testimony of Giaka, week 22, 2000

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    Latest update on what happened in the courtroom and outside. Who took the stand, what evidence was provided, who attended the trial and why. Updated on an everyday basis. 

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    An index of various handpicked articles, interviews or overviews on items related to the trial and the bombing of Pan Am 103.

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    What will happen next ? Find all important timetables, dates and alerts to upcoming events at the courthouse in Zeist.

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    For all those interested in the legal background of the Lockerbie trial. What legal procedure is being used ? Learn to analyze and understand what is going on and why - in understandable english.

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    For visitors, relatives, journalists and others interested in the trial of the century. How to get there, whom to talk to. Addresses, phone, fax and email. 

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    The old, temporary Lockerbie Trial page
    If you can't wait to read about the trial, take a look at the old, provisionary trial website from the Pan Am 103/Lockerbie Crash page. It contains some background information, including the official indictment of the two Libyan suspects.


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