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Special features

This page will have interesting features related to the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist Airbase and the crash of Pan Am 103. It can be newspaper articles, interviews, opinion polls, pictures, background digging or other stuff. 

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Verdict - a NEW page, updated around the hour, with latest news, interviews, opinions, reports and pictures from judgment day at Camp Zeist !

Famous last words: comments before the verdict (January 2001)
The trial is almost over. Read the final comments, opinions and famous last words from relatives, lawyers, experts, protagonists and newspaper editorials before the verdict is being announced. This page is being updated around the hour with new items until verdict is announced !

"Shadow over Lockerbie"
"The bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland has been called the world's biggest unsolved murder. Two alleged members of the Libyan Intelligence Service are scheduled to face trial in the Netherlands. But are they the most likely culprits? " American RadioWorks conducted a six-month investigation into the case. It has reported its findings in a one-hour special program, "Shadow Over Lockerbie." View transcripts and listen to 3 sound-files of each apr. 20 minutes.
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Why are TV cameras prohibited at the Lockerbie trial ?
"Beyond that human dimension, the trial represents a defining moment in international relations. It will allow for a settling of accounts between Britain, the USA and Libya and contribute to a long-term solution of the Middle East conflict. For the Scottish legal system it means opening its procedures and practices to the scrutiny of the global community. It is not only two Libyans on trial in Holland, but the Scottish justice system itself. "
Article from THE SUNDAY HERALD 12/12/99

Holding the scales of justice
" Open court is a very dangerous place for those who prefer to inhabit the shadows. The simple principle of ‘having their day in court’ is not confined to the Libyan accused who hope to prove their innocence. It is also there for the bereaved families who, four days before Christmas, must endure the 11th anniversary of the bombing hoping they will soon know the real story of what happened to Flight 103. "
Article from SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY 21/12/99

Finally it's ready! The "60 Minutes" special program about the Lockerbie evidence in an upcoming trial from April 11th. Read the transcript, see the pictures and then there's a letter of complaint against CBS from one of the relatives.

CBS 60 Minutes program about Lockerbie evidence 11/04/99

Legal essay contest:
For all those with a legal interest in the upcoming Lockerbie Trial, you are invited in participating to write a legal paper or comment for the International Legal Perspectives (ILP) in Oregon, USA, who is pleased to announce its upcoming Lockerbie Trials Special Issue.
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  • "Would the 2 Libyans get a fair trial?"

  • Opinion poll rom BBC online, December 1998, with results and comments. 

    The trial of going dutch
    "It is probably just as well that the massive court compound in Holland where the Lockerbie suspects are to go on trial will be entitled to sell duty-free alcohol and tobacco. All the leading lights in Scotland's criminal justice system 
     will be needing a stiff drink by the time arrangements are in place for a murder trial that will make the OJ Simpson case look modest." 
    Article from THE SCOTSMAN 31/08/98

    What if they are innocent? 
    "It is easy to see why Washington, which is poised to restore relations with Tehran and which tends to catch a cold if the Israeli lobby sneezes, would sleep better at night if the Scottish judges find it was all a Libyan mission."
    Article from THE GUARDIAN 17/04/99

    Making money from Lockerbie trial boost
    "Looking at things from a professional point of view, I expect a lot of customers. It's good for business," said Ce Sukking, gesturing around his chemist shop lined with a collection of antique apothecary jars." Soesterberg village prepares for visitor invasion. 
    Article from 29/03/99

    The story of a crime
    On December 21st 1988, Pan Am flight 103 crashed over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 259 people on the plane and 11 on the ground. If you need detailed information about the 10 year struggle from crash to trial, go to the Pan Am 103/Lockerbie Crash Website. It contains all information, articles, official reports, pictures, features, interview, discussion boards and much more. 
    Press link on frame or go directly to 
    A useful brief guide to the Scottish rules of evidence and procedure that will be applied in the (hopefully) forthcoming Lockerbie trial is to be found at the following URL, put up by Scottish law students from Glasgow. 

    Legal outline for a possible trial by dr.jur. Robert Black 
    One of the men who made all this possible. A Scottish law professor with longtime interest in the crash of Pan Am 103 was the man who drafted the agreement for a trial in the Netherlands under Scottish law. In a featured legal article, dr. Black outlines the draft of the present trial and discusses its pros and contras. 

    Online chat with defense attorney for Libyan suspects
    Read a transcript of a direct online interview with defense attorney Alistair Duff on the Lockerbie crisis at ABC TV, August 1998 

    The culpability of the 2 suspects is extremely suspect
    "It is equally tragic that thousands of Libyans have suffered and died as a result of the sanctions imposed against their country because of the US and British allegations. The sad reality is that the Libyan suspects are not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and only a trial can demonstrate this." 
    Anonymous American comments on Lockerbie trial

    Silence over Lockerbie
    "Fundamentally it's a murder case. 270 dead. It may be dressed up as planting and detonating a bomb or an explosion, but fundamentally you have to be able to show a link, evidential link between those accused and the incident itself. There has to be continuity of evidence and there has to be a link of causation." 
    Silence over Lockerbie, BBC Scotland 1997 

    Media files

    CNN feature of Zeist trial place
    Watch the video-file from CNN, April 5th, with interviews with the people of Zeist. Some of them fear the upcoming trial will ruin the peace in their village, others prepare for business boost. 
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    Fair trial or not
    Listen to Scottish lawyer Donald Finlay QC discussing whether the two Libyan suspects will receive a fair trial (BBC 05/04/99) 
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    Lockerbie trial is a one-off
    Legal consultant Len Murray talks with the BBC about the unique procedure in establishing the Lockerbie trial on Dutch soil. (05/04/99) 
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    Special items

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    Trial news update
    Latest update on what happened in the courtroom and outside. Who took the stand, what evidence was provided, who attended the trial and why. Updated on an everyday basis. 

    Court schedules
    What will happen next ? Find all important timetables, dates and alerts to upcoming events at the courthouse in Zeist. 

    Legal issues
    For all those interested in the legal background of the Lockerbie trial. What legal procedure is being used ? Learn to analyze and understand what is going on and why - in understandable english. 

    Contact info
    For visitors, relatives, journalists and others interested in the trial of the century. How to get there, whom to talk to. Addresses, phone, fax and email. 

    The old, temporary Lockerbie Trial page
    If you can't wait to read about the trial, take a look at the old, provisionary trial website from the Pan Am 103/Lockerbie Crash page. It contains some background information, including the official indictment of the two Libyan suspects. 


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