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The evidence and burden of proof


FIRST WEEK (3.-12.5.) IN COURT SPECIAL FULL COVERAGE with news, interviews, opinions, pictures and analysis from the first week in court. Updated around the hour every day.

The evidence of the prosecution has been secret and will remain secret until the opening of the trial. Once the trial is under way, this page will present the evidence that the prosecution team has presented in court. Until then, take a look at some the evidence, assumed to be presented in court. 

Criminal investigation
Scottish police stood for the immediate criminal investigation with the help of the American FBI, German Police, Maltese Police and others. Scottish police spent  months searching 845 square miles of fields, forests, lakes and towns for pieces of the aircraft and its cargo. One year after the crash 21.12.1989 Scottish detectives had visited 13 countries, collected more than 35000 photographs, compiled 12700 name cards and taken more than 15000 statements. Some call it the biggest police investigation in this century! 

Scottish evidence
What do the Scots have to prove in order to convince the court of a conviction ? Read the Scottish indictment/petition of the Lockerbie Trial. If the prosecution cannot prove the main allegations of the above indictment, the two Libyan suspects will be innocent. Only the Scottish indictment will play a role for the court, but the Scots could be presenting American gathered evidence to support their case.

American evidence

  • Read about what the USA is calling evidence
  • ...and read here what a leading law expert thinks of such US-evidence!
  • "Fundamentally it's a murder case. 270 dead. It may be dressed up as planting and detonating a bomb or an explosion, but fundamentally you have to be able to show a link, evidential link between those accused and the incident itself. There has to be continuity of evidence and there has to be a link of causation."

  • .... listen here to experts in law and forensic science speaking  about American "evidence"

  • Recent American discussion about the evidence (05/04/99)

  • Trial news update
    Latest update on what happened in the courtroom and outside. Who took the stand, what evidence was provided, who attended the trial and why. Updated on an everyday basis. 

    Special features
    An index of various handpicked articles, interviews or overviews on items related to the trial and the bombing of Pan Am 103. 

    Court schedules
    What will happen next ? Find all important timetables, dates and alerts to upcoming events at the courthouse in Zeist. 

    Legal issues
    For all those interested in the legal background of the Lockerbie trial. What legal procedure is being used ? Learn to analyze and understand what is going on and why - in understandable english. 

    Contact info
    For visitors, relatives, journalists and others interested in the trial of the century. How to get there, whom to talk to. Addresses, phone, fax and email. 

    Special items

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    The old, temporary Lockerbie Trial page
    If you can't wait to read about the trial, take a look at the old, provisionary trial website from the Pan Am 103/Lockerbie Crash page. It contains some background information, including the official indictment of the two Libyan suspects. 


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