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The Lockerbie defense team

The lawyers to defend the two suspects

Head of defense (Libya)
Mr. Kamel Maghur has achieved his Law degree from Cairo in 1957. He has  practiced Law since and became an assistant legal advisor for the state of Tripolitania in 1959. He was appointed as a judge of the Court of appeals in  1969 and a judge to the supreme court in 1970. He has written couple of short stories in the 60's. Since then he has served his country as an ambassador to several countries including the (UN, Canada, France and China). 

Mr. Maghur came back to law to defend Libya in the International court of justice in the case  between Libya and Tunis (Dispute over the sea border) and won the case (A real legal accomplishment...!). 

 He then served as a minister of Petroleum and was chosen as the ONLY LIBYAN MINISTER TO EVER BE THE PRESIDENT OF OPEC. After that he held many posts including the Minister of Foreign affairs. In 1987 Mr. Maghur left politics and returned to his passion Law (Reopened his law firm MAGHUR & PARTNERS) and writting, his true love. 

His junior council is also his daughter and law firm partner, Azza Kamel Maghur . Ms Maghur graduated from the Faculty of Law, Garyunis University, Benghazi, Libya in 1985. She did her postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne, Paris, France, obtaining a DEA in International law and International organisations. She was a member of the Libyan legal team in the Libya/Chad Territorial Dispute at the International Court of Justice.

Maghur & Partners, Attorneys at law,
20 Khalid Bin Walid St., Dahra,
Tripoli, Libya
(Tel. +218 21 3337851 & +218 21 3331312)

Mr. Alistair Duff (Scotland)
Solicitor for Abdelbaset al Megrahi since September 1993. Originally from Fife, Alistair Duff also worked as a Procurator Fiscal before taking up defence work in 1981. He has also obtained an extra qualification as a Solicitor Advocate and can therefore appear personally in the High Court. 

He is currently partner in the well-known Scottish law firm McCourts in Edinburgh. Alistair Duff is also involved with the Law Society, is on the Management Committee of Crew 2000, a drug group in Edinburgh and is a season ticket holder at Tynecastle! 
NB! From October 1999, mr. Duff has two NEW e-mail addresses:
1) in Scotland: , and
2) in Netherlands:

53 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EJ 
Tel: +44 (0)131 225 6555 
Fax: +44 /(0)131 225 5054 

During the trial at Camp Zeist, mr. Duff has rented a flat in Soesterberg, Holland.

  • Read a transcript of a direct online interview with Alistair Duff on the Lockerbie crisis at ABC TV, August 1998


    Mr. Richard Keen (Scotland), QC
    Mr. Keen is defending Khalifa Fhima.
    His junior counsel in the defense team is Murdo Macleod.Mr. Keen will be instructed by Eddie MaCKechnie from the firm McGRIGOR DONALD SOLICITORS

    McGrigor Donald Solicitors
    Erskine House, 68-73 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 4NF
    phone: +44/ (0)131 226 7777
    fax: +44/ (0)131 226 7700
    Click here for map of office (*.pdf-format)

    Other members of defense team
    Several other Scottish lawyers participate as aides in the defense team of the two Libyan suspects. A further consortium of five Libyan lawyers is advising the men.

    William Taylor, QC , will help represent Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi. Mr Taylor, 54, who also practises at the English bar, is a member of the new Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. He succeeded in overturning the conviction of John Daly, a bank robber who was jailed for feigning mental illness, and has successfully defended prison officers who were accused of assaulting inmates at Glenochil prison. He has been an advocate since 1971 and a QC since 1986. He has also been a barrister in England and Wales since 1990 and a QC there since 1998. He has been standing junior counsel for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the DHSS. His junior counsel is John Beckett , 36, a defence advocate who has acted as an advocate depute.

    Mr. Stephen Mitchell (UK)
    Tel: +44 171 252 2044 

    A senior legal source close to the case said yesterday the menís legal bills will be paid for by a "trust fund contributed to by various well-wishers, and the Libyan public will be asked to contribute". Gordon Jackson, QC, was paid £255,000 in legal aid last year as Scotlandís highest-paid advocate. Mr Taylor will be expected to earn at least £600,000. Mr Beckettís fees are anticipated to be in the region of £300,000-£400,000.

    Mr Taylor was appointed August 1998 and travelled to Paris in November to meet the consortium of Libyan lawyers. He travelled to Tripoli for the first time on 23 February and spent four days there, meeting the accused and their lawyers. He returned on 30 March for three days, accompanied by Mr Beckett, to take further instruction from the Libyans. Mr Taylor, Mr Duff and his legal partner, Alex Prentice, saw their clients in Kamp van Zeist on 5 April when the Libyans arrived by helicopter from the Hague after flying in from Tripoli to surrender for trial. Since then they have prepared for the defense procedure by travelling to USA, Malta, Sweden and many other countries in serach of testimony and evidence.

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