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Trial contact info

On this page you will find relevant contact information, related to the upcoming trial in Zeist. Maps, addresses, phone numbers, contact information of any kind. If you have any ideas or comments or think that YOUR information belongs on this page, you are more than welcome to email me. My email address is
Camp Zeist - getting there
Camp Zeist Airbase is a former NATO airbase. It is the venue of the trial against the two Libyan suspects. To get to Camp Zeist with car from the city of Utrecht (south of Amsterdam), take the A28 highway, go down lane 4 (Soest/Soesterberg), then follow the signs "Militair Luchtvaart Museum". 

Figi Zeist - het Rond 2 - 3701 HS Zeist - 
Tel(030) 692 74 00 - Fax (030) 692 74 68 
for more information about Zeist Airbase.

For information about the establishment of the Lockerbie trial on Dutch soil:
Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Netherlands
tel. 070 -3707911

For information about Lockerbie Trial at Camp Zeist, press coverage possibilities, preparations etc.:

Lockerbie Trial Information, Scotland
tel. +44/ 131 244 2661


Accreditation will give access to the media centre and to the limited daily allocation of media seats in the court room. The media centre will provide a live audio and visual feed of court proceedings and desk spaces, each with 2 power sockets and a telephone/ISDN line. The use of the telephone line will be billed. Please note that all facilities are digital not analogue. You must bring your own computer and plug adaptors.

Accreditation is for journalists/correspondents, press photographers and court artists only. No cameramen or support personnel will be accredited. This does not affect their ability to function on the site. No cameras whatsoever will be allowed in the media centre. Priority will be given to national media and news magazines, national agencies and regional media with specific interest in the trial.

Accreditation will take place at Kamp Van Zeist on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd May 2000 from 9.00am to 5.00pm. There will be no accreditation on Wednesday 3rd May, the opening day. The deadline for responses is 7th April 2000. All responses must be submitted by e-mail preferably, or fax. No telephone applications will be accepted.

Journalists should arrive at the main Camp entrance and identify themselves to the police. They will then be directed / escorted to the media centre. On arrival at the media centre, journalists' identification will be checked (press card / passport) and their accreditation will be processed.
E-Mail address:
Fax Number: (+44) (0)131 244 1721

Local accomodation:
Are you looking for a place to stay around Camp Zeist ? Either hotels, hostels, motels and camping space ?
  • List with addresses and phone/fax numbers
    Attention !
    Are you looking for working space close to Camp Zeist ?
    Lockerbie- Proces, office for rent, Soesterberg, the Netherlands. Special for Media and Press. Private parking place. Please contact for more details.

    Dutch town of Zeist is ready for Lockerbie trial
    official press release 06/05/99

    The Municipality of Zeist has created a so-called “Lockerbie Service Point” which gives information on the housing and tourist facilities in the region of the Camp Zeist military base where the Lockerbie trial will be held. In cooperation with the regional Tourist Information Service a dedicated telephone line will be operational as of Tuesday, April 6 (++ 31 30 6924706). The Lockerbie Service Point is integrated in the Tourist Information Office in the centre of Zeist, next to the Town Hall. 
    It is open on workdays from 9 – 17.30 h, on Saturdays from 10 – 13 h.

    For more information:

    Please, click on the Internet or call Louis Smit, Head of Information of the Municipality of Zeist, 06 50 254 132.
    The full press-release of Zeist Municipality from April 6th, 1999 (DOC-format)


    Message from Glasgow University's School of Law: A free hotline will be in operation to provide comment and support from the Lockerbie Trial Briefing team to the UK and International Press throughout the build up to the trial.
    Please email for information.
    Contacting the prosecution:

    For getting in touch with the prosecution BEFORE April 25, 2000:

    Colin Boyd, Lord Advocate (and other members of team)
    25 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH 1 1 LA, Scotland, UK
    Phone: +44/ 131 247 2654

    For getting in touch with the prosecution AFTER April 25, 2000:

    Colin Boyd, Lord Advocate (and other members of team)
    Kamp van Zeist, Postbus 1990, NL-3700 BZ Zeist, The Netherlands
    Phone: +31/ 346 334 750

    Contacting defense team:
    For contacting the members of the defense team, please go to the DEFENSE TEAM PAGE by clicking this link or the link on the linktable to the left.

    Special items

    If you have any ideas or comments to THIS website, you are more than welcome to email me. My email address is

    This page is now fully working. However, please bear in mind, that the trial hasn't started yet. No court schedules, i.e. exact timetables, hours for court hearings etc. have been published yet.


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