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The Pan Am 103 Trial 

The story of a crime
On December 21st 1988, Pan Am flight 103 crashed over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 259 people on the plane and 11 on the ground. If you need detailed information about the 10 year struggle from crash to trial, go to the Pan Am 103/Lockerbie Crash Website. It contains all information, articles, official reports, pictures, features, many interviews, discussion boards and much more.  Press upper link on left frame or go directly to

For all those with a legal interest in the upcoming Lockerbie Trial, you are invited in participating to write a legal paper or comment for the International Legal Perspectives (ILP) in Oregon, USA, who is pleased to announce its upcoming Lockerbie Trials Special Issue.
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Trial news update
SPECIAL FEATURE: The Verdict - a NEW page, updated around the hour, with latest news, interviews, opinions, reports and pictures from judgment day at Camp Zeist !

Latest update on what happened in the courtroom and outside. Who took the stand, what evidence was provided, who attended the trial and why. Updated on an everyday basis. 

Special features
An index of various handpicked articles, interviews, sound or video files or overviews on items related to the trial and the bombing of Pan Am 103.

Court schedules
What will happen next ? Find all important timetables, dates and alerts to upcoming events at the courthouse in Camp Zeist. 

Legal issues
For all those interested in the legal background of the Lockerbie trial. What legal procedure is being used ? Learn to analyze and understand what is going on and why - in understandable english. 

Contact info
For visitors, relatives, journalists and others interested in the trial of the century. How to get there, whom to talk to, where to get a place to stay and work. Addresses, phone, fax and email. Please update me if you have any information that should be on that specific page. 

Special items

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This page is now fully working. However, please bear in mind, that the trial hasn't started yet. No court schedules, i.e. exact timetables, hours for court hearings etc. have been published yet. 


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