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The Lockerbie/Pan Am 103 website contains approximately 950 files. Type in search terms, or keywords, relating to your query, and hit the Search button. The search machine finds all documents that fit your criteria, sorts them according to their relevance, and returns a list of documents in the form of abstracts and hyperlinks, size in byte and additionally the last date the page has been updated.
Currently testing this facility - e-mail me for questions or suggestions!
You need to use Navigator Version-3.04 or later, or Internet Explorer Version-3.2 or later. Browsers prior to level-3 are not JavaScript enabled and therefore cannot fully utilize the Search-it service
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Search Function
lockerbie trial Finds documents that contain either lockerbie or trial or any capitalized variant (Lockerbie, LOCKERBIE, trIAL, Trial). The search ranks the results to show first the documents containing both words, close together, and near the top of the document.
+Lockerbie +trial Finds only documents that contain both words.
"Lockerbie Trial" Finds documents that have the two words capitalized and found right next to each other. Placing quotation marks around any series of words turns them into a phrase and tells the search machine that you are only interested in documents that have them in this specific order.
+"Lockerbie Trial" -Zeist Finds documents that contain the phrase "Lockerbie Trial" but do not contain the word "Zeist"
+Lockerbie +Tri* Finds documents that contain Lockerbie and any word starting with Tri. Use this feature if you are not sure how a word is spelled.