Pictures of the
Lockerbie Bombing Trial
This page brings you some of the many pictures and photographs from the Lockerbie bombing trial 2000/2001
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updated February 8, 2001

The court, the camp and the job:pictures from Camp Zeist

Entrance to the court room inside court house

UK Foreign minister Robin Cook visits Camp Zeist winter 1999/2000 before opening of trial
Libyan diplomat enters Camp Zeist
Libyan diplomat is let in to Camp Zeist by Scottish policewoman
Viev to improvised court-room with shaded curtains
On guard outside old court room during pre-trial session

The courtroom remained empty for many long weeks 
Photo shot thru the fence
View to old court room windows (pre-trial sessions)

Policeguards checking vehicles for bombs at entrance to Camp Zeist 
(or letting out the air of the tire to get some fun - who knows - why is the guy next to the car laughing, then ???)

View from prosecution side of trial bench (inside court)

Old entrance (pre-trial sessions)

During Giaka´s testimony, even the Scottish guards had a good time

Court house entrance

Audience view to court room

Journalists had boring assignments during the 40 weeks of trial
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Pan Am 103-relatives on the spot:pictures from Camp Zeist
Dan Cohen with pic of Theodora
Dan Cohen in front of court house with picture of his daughter Theodora (opening day)

Dan and Susan Cohen in front of courthouse

Dan Cohen hands out pictures of his daughter to the press
The Cohen family arriving in Holland
Dan and Susan Cohen arrive in Amsterdam from New York (May 2000)

Dan and Susan Cohen in front of court house with picture of their daughter Theodora

Dan Cohen in talk with the press (opening day)
The Flynn-family arriving to the Netherlands
Kathleen Flynn and husband arrive at airport for the trial (May 2000)

Jim and Rosemary Wolfe arrive for trial in Holland (May 2000)

Susan Cohen and Pan am civil lawsuit-lawyer Jim Kreindler at trial entrance (opening week)
George Williams, head of American Victims of Pan Am 103 Inc.
George Williams talks to the press (opening day)

Bert Ammerman talks to press at court entrance (opening day)

Rosemary Wolfe shows the press a pic of her stepdaughter Miriam (opening day)
Dr. Jim Swire attending today´s trial
Jim Swire in Camp Zeist

Dan Cohen talks to the press (opening day). All relatives had to wear a purple badge.
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While talking to the press, Susan Cohen breaks down and is escorted to the bus back to the hotel, by her husband.

Libyan relatives on the spot:pictures from Camp Zeist

Libyan relatives saluting the press (opening day)

Libyan relatives arriving (opening day)
Relatives of the two Libyans waiting for their bus
Libyan relatives waiting for the bus to the restaurant (opening week)
Libyan relatives arriving for today´s trial
Fhima´s family arriving in Camp Zeist from Utrecht 

Megrahi´s daughter Ghada and his son Khalid

Left to right: Fhima´s brother, his cousin, uncle and his father (opening week)
picture by Joe Mifsud
In jail posing with most-wanted picture

Family visit: Megrahi family in jail
The children of the suspects are guarded by their relatives and avoid press contact. But they were allowed to give a very short comment to the press on opening day.

Lawyers and other protagonistst:pictures from Camp Zeist

Lord Advocate Colin Boyd on way to court house
Bringing in the evidence
Lawyer carrying papers 

The 3 jugdes and their alternative judge while in session (in the middle: Lord Sutherland - court leader)

The defence team 

Defence head Kamel Maghur

Defence members Azza and Kamel Maghur
Jim Kreindler facing the press at Camp Zeist

Lee Kreindler, lawyer for some of the American relatives in the civil lawsuit against Libya, is talking to the press (opening week)

Bill Taylor, QC for Megrahi, on the job - perhaps wishing he was Stephen Mitchell ???
Dr. Buontempo in front of Camp Zeist trial site
Dr. John Buontempo - Maltese Lockerbie investigator and diplomatic mediator in front of the courthouse (July 2000). He died a few weeks later.
Suspects on their way to the UN chartered flight
The handover: Libyan accused walking to their aircraft that is going to bring them directly from Libya to Camp Zeist. With them, Saudi prince Sultan Bandar, making the handover possible.
April 1999
Suspects landing in the Netherlands today
Snapshots from the arrival in Camp Zeist: May 1999
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Drawings in court:artist impressions from Camp Zeist
Worst drawing yet !!!!!
Pre-trial hearing in 1999
Court drawing: the suspects behind bars and bullitproof glass
Pre-trial hearing in 1999
QC Taylor proceeding, A. Duff sitting, judge Sutherland in middle
Pre-trial hearing in 1999
Another bad drawn picture of suspects behind glass in courtroom
Pre-trial hearing in 1999
Bad courtdrawing of Libyan suspects
First day of proceedings, May 2000

First day of proceedings, May 2000

First day of proceedings, May 2000
Court drawing of today´s session
First day of proceedings, May 2000
Fhima looking like the former Japenese emperor - who draws these terrible court sketches ???
First day of proceedings, May 2000
The accused were present at today´s prelimenary hearing
During trial 2000
Alistair Campbell in action
Week 37 (final submissions 2001)
Image from court
Week 37 (final submissions 2001)
Bad drawing !
Week 37 (final submissions 2001)
I can draw this better with both hands on the back !
Week 37 (final submissions 2001)
Taylor (standing up) submissing final words
Week 37 (final submissions 2001)

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