"Silence Over Lockerbie"
Reporter: Shelley JofreProducer: Murdoch Rodgers
Flight 103 
  "The air is thick with smoke, flames and the smell of aviation fuel. A crater twenty feet deep marks the spot near the main Glasgow road where the jumbo jet came down"

"So far there are no reports of survivors. It's believed there have been a number of casualties on the ground as well"

Dan Cohen: lost his daughter 
Michael Mansfield QC: 'murder case' 
Iranians protest over the downed Iranian airbus 
Kuwait invasion meant Lockerbie was forgotten 
  LORD FRASER OF CARMYLLIE: Subsequent to that, the forensic evidence and the evident driven investigation took the Crown and the police off in another direction.   
Chris Ronay: 'essential' to trace fragment of bomb 
SHELLEY: The FBI would not allow us to interview the man who made the match, Thomas Thurman. But the day after the suspects were named he talked about his discovery on American TV.
    Edwin Bollier: GDR also bought same timers 
EDWIN BOLLIER: At the beginning of the investigations initially when questioned, we had forgotten, or no longer knew, that we had actually provided the GDR with such timers. Later, our technician, ascertained that we had also supplied the GDR with such timers. Only after the collapse of the GDR did the BKA's investigations reveal that the GDR had also bought such timers.