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My name is Safia Aoude. I come from East Copenhagen (Oesterbro), Denmark. A small loser country in Scandinavia. I have a law degree from Copenhagen University 1997. Currently trying to make a living by working for FM Legal Aid, for Audiomedia A/S as well as a part time freelance journalist for my own firm Aoude Media (not the same as Audiomedia!) and part time teaching at DIA Private School.
My interests are: books, books, books, philosophy, international law, traveling the world, learning languages (I speak Danish, English, Arabic, German, French, Rasta, Jive, Ebonics and Swedish and  I understand Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Africaans, Jiddish, Swahili, Tamahaq, Maltese and Norwegian), outdoor sporting, Hechler & Koch automatic weapons, aviation history, computer technology, computer games and everything else that catches my eye.
Dream vacation was spent in the summer of 1999 in Aqaba, Jordan,  6 weeks of diving, playing with sharks and barracudas (I didn´t know they were real sharks and barrcudas!), running through Petra (refusing to pay the large tourist fare!) and hiking in the desert, looking for some old bones and a diary that could incriminate the Italian government.
I really, really like Ice Cube, Stephen King, Malcolm X, Colin Wilson (from Cornwall), upgrading my PC, sunshine, latest cellular phones and spicy food.
I really, really hate Madeleine Albright, Celine Dion, the KKK, doing the laundry, headaches and short deadlines.
My video player contains "Jerry Springer"´s latest episode (this is how I relax - watching white trash beat each other up on TV)
Totally outdated is the little Hitler-moustache that Zimbabwe´s Robert Mugabe is currently wearing !
Totally in these days is F.C.K. - the awesome local football (soccer) team from East Copenhagen. My favorite players are Sibuseso Zuma. FCK RULES! They won the national football championship 2001 - a month later their trainer Roy Hodgson escaped to Udinese FC breaking his contract with FCK (what a traitor!).
Biggest mistake was never to get a driving license - but I´ve almost got a small aircraft license (if I pay for the final exams!).

This website was created in late 1996.

To send me messages, information, questions, comments, money, death threats or fan mail, please use e-mail: aoude@hotmail.com .  I'll try to answer any of your messages in less than 24 hours. However, if I have heavy updating to do or have taken a short vacation, it might take a little longer.

The other me:

Some might think that Pan Am 103 and the Lockerbie bombing trial is taking up all of my time these years. To a certain extent this is true. That is why holidays were invented !

2001 My present interest these days is welding with Brown´s Gas generator. If you think welding is boring, you are in for a big surprise. Brown´s gas is made entirely out of hydrogene and oxygene (water), burns with a ridiculous flame temperature of merely 135 celsius and is thus totally harmless if exposed to say the bare skin. But when pointed at metal, say aluminium, it will heat up the temperature of aluminium to more than 1200 celsius. Applyed to a brick, temperatures get up to almost 2000 celsius. Along all this, you can still put your hand into the flame and feel little but some warm sensation. Brown´s gas can even cut iron oxide and works by raising the temperatur of the burning material. Scientists still don´t know how the gas can do that. Try using Brown´s gas on a pice of wood fire brick a few minutes - the brick will be melted down to something like a stone with a hardness of 9.5, which is almost as hard as a diamond. Thanks to wonderful Colin Wilson for directing my mind to this fascinating scientific invention !
Also: currently learning Egyptian hieroglyphs. I am planning to learn ayamara next year, an easy language spoken by people in South America.

2000 During virtually all my holidays for the last 3 years, I´ve had another occupation that is as vivid as Pan Am 103 and as intruing as the Lockerbie bombing trial. It made me climbing desert mountains in the worst of summer heat, diving into long forgotten historical archives and to the beautiful bottom of the Red Sea. All for the single purpose of finally uncovering the near atomized remains of some old bones amid desert rock.

I found those bones, all right. I didn´t find them in their final resting place, though.
I found them in the genes of people, in the pages of history, in the dust of my own past. The dead should be left alone in their graves. But the ones who put them there, by force and far to early - they should never be left alone.
Relatives and friends of victims aboard Pan Am 103 and in Lockerbie might think 12 years is a long time. It isn´t !

For the true seekers of justice, time is but a noun. And a murder is still a murder, even after 70 years of willful oblivion.

Confused ?
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