The complete passenger list of Pan Am 103

This should be the (un-)complete list of unfornunate passengers aboard Pan Am 103. The list is not an official one, since it is (for some odd reasons) not possible to copy the official microfilm from Pan Am's office files. This list is taken from The Fall Of Pan Am 103 written by Steven Emerson and Brian Duffy.

Some oddities: A lot of those aboard Pan Am 103 had the age of 20 years. Most of the passengers were American citizens. Many lived in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

I am sorry if there are any mistakes in spelling of name, age etc. Mail me , if I made any mistakes, and I shall correct them at once.

Look out for sholarships on the various American universities in memory of some of the students, killed aboard Pan Am 103 - follow links for more info on victim or scholarship-info. I have tried to provide links to those victims, whos stories are available on the internet....actually very few are! Do you know anyone from Pan Am 103, who deserves to be remembered for his life ? Don't hesitate to provide links to this page....send e-mail about your link.

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