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ebol/ November 5 1999

Mr. Khaled Nazir Jaafar. no 1

It is well known, that the Lebanese/American dual-citizen Khaled Nazir Jaafar with home-adress: Dearborn/ Michigan USA, had been working for the DEA as a drug-courier His then managing officer was Mr Matthew Kevin Gannon (DEA). Khaled Nazir Jaafar,no. 1 traveled with his very newly received US-passport, (no.022807773. issued on June 24, 1988), on December 21, 1988 from Cyprus to Heathrow on flight no. CY 504.
With whose help and how he then finally had boarded flight no- paMm-1OS has not been established. We simply know for a fact that Khaled Nazir Jaafar no- 1's  body has subsequently been discovered very close by first-class passenger Matthew Kevin Gannon's body on a hill. (only about 100 yards apart, and close by the torn on cockpit with the first- class seating- section
(His US-passport is still missing)!

Officials from the DEA had vehemently denied that any drug shipments had ever taken place on PanAm-flights. In 1990 befor a Congressional committe, DEA's Steve Green, acting administrator, denied under oath that there were any controlled drug deliveries through Frankfurt airport in 1988. But then  such deliveries have been documented In court-papers in Virginia!
One DEA-agent had testified being at Frankfurt-airport in 1989. Drug-traffick then was so heavy that there was a full-time DEA-liason-officer, (Thomas Slovenky), at Frankfurt.
(Dok. Dec.22, 1989, page 1)

Comment; Mr Steve Green, assistant administrator with, “Office Intelligence/DEA", was also booked for PanAm 103 on December 21, 1988;-but he changed over to another scheduled flight that very day! Steve Green had later been spotted on the tarmac, watching doomed PanAm-flight 103 take oft from London's Heathrow airport
Statement by Mr. Lester Coleman, former DEA-/ DI-agent. "I knew from the conversations around 1988 that he. (Khaled Nazir Jaafar) was involved in controlled, (drug), deliveries. and there is no doubt in my mind about it at all."

Mr. Khaled Jaafar no2.

The alleged drug-courier Khaled Jaafar no.2, had never before been in Germany nor in the USA, (meaning. prior to the Lockerbie-disaster). He travelled with the old Lebanese passport of Khaled Jaafer no. 1!  This passport no. 338471, issued on
July 12, 1983, contained freshly issued visas for Germany Sweden and for the USA.

The B-2 multiple entry, non-immigrant visa for the USA was issued on July 18, 1988 at the US-embassy in Beirut. A careful study reveals that the B-2 visa had bean issued to Mr Khaled Nazir Jaafar after he had become a naturalized US-citizen on February 29,1988; and after a US-passport had been issued in his name on June24, 1988!

see: Internet:

-scanned copy of Khaled Jaafar's Lebanese passport, open page showing the US-visa issued in July 1988.
-scanned copy of Khaled Nazir Jaafar's application for a US-passport, dating from June 1988!

This flow raises a question that has never been introduced during the past ten years!
Why did Khaled Nazir Jaafar, a neo-US-citizen, obtain visas with his Lebanese passport to also enter the USA, when in fact he already was in possession of a lust issued and valid US-passport?

At the time when the visa was allegedly issued-on July 18,  1988-the consular section of the US-embassy In Beirut was officially closed .This would indicate that Khaled Jaafar had obtained the visa by means of high level US-government assistance. It is strictly illegal for a US-citizen to enter the USA with foreign passports and visas!

Khalid Jaafar no. 2, travelled two weeks prior to December 21, 1988 from Cyprus to Germany, his so-called “waiting-room”, for imminent CIA-/DEA “COREA” drug-transportation activities from Frankfurt airport via Heathrow to Detroit/ USA. In Frankfurt, Khaled Jaafar had then been picked up by one so far unknown individual. His suit-case was at that time left with the transit baggage storage;-until shortly before his boarding his flight to Heathrow on his way to Detroit.

A member of the Jaafar-family gave the following to protocol: Khaled did not know anything about drugs. Khaled had been asked by Mohammed Jaafar, who was in charge of the Hizbollah party, to travel to Germany. Mohammed Jaafar told Khaled that he will send him to his Palestinian friends of Ahmed Jibril’s and some other organization, who will help him to earn some money. He also told him that he will marry him to his sister. He used the boy Khaled! They arranged a visa for him, (Khaled), and he left by plane for America. Mohammed Al-Hourani approached him and asked him to take a tape-recorder as a gift. The recorder contained 2 Kg of Heroin.

In Germany there were people waiting for him at the airport. They took the recorder off him and disappeared for a whole day. Then they came back and took Khaled to many places. Khaled always used to call his grandfather.

On December 14, 1988, a person named, (Jaafar?), visited the Ali Rais “Jadolla” travel agency in Isenborn to check on the availability of a student-fare ticket:-allegedly for his return-trip to Detroit. The booking took place the very same day at 4.31 PM, but did prove to be negative because of the complete sellout of the available student-fare seats. A check for an alternative earlier and direct flight from Frankfurt to Detroit, (PA 107/PA123), was then also coincidentally or intentionally said to be booked solid, so that someone finally organized the confirmed booking of flight PanAm 103-A and 103-B for December 21, 1988, at the travel-agency A+B.
(The exact meaning of the first booking-operation at the “Jadolla”, travel- agency has never been properly interpreted todate. This incident could well have been a cover-up or a well-prepared desinformation.)

The one-way ticket, no 0007470355608, had been paid for by a third party, a Mr. Younis; (history of booking, non. Why was this booking organized so shortly before the PA-103 crash, when Jaafar had already been in Germany for about two weeks and was eagerly determined to be at home in Detroit before Christmas ???)

Khaled Jaafar no.2 had been assigned seat no. 53K at the very rear of the aircraft PA-103. This would indicate that Khaled Jaafar no. 2’s body should have been discovered near Lockerbie and not in the Tundergarth area near the church;- the quite distant location where the cockpit-section with the 1.-class passengers had been recovered. Please note the following historic fact: Dr. David Fieldhouse, a police-medic who had to tag about 10 bodies is said to have given to protocol  the fact that ore of these bodies had misteriously been missing when his tagged bodies were being picked up. Was it the body of Khaled Jaafar no. 2 ???

A suit -case filled with drugs, (heroin), had been discovered near Lockerbie following the crash of flight PanAm- 103. Was this Khaled Jaafer's suitcase? If so, there could not have been any radio-recorder-bomb in this suit-case The forensic teams have so far not disclosed the identity of the passenger whose suit-case this must have been, according to their research-data

The FBI is weft aware of the fact that a packing box and parts of a radio-recorder have been discovered, well marked: TOSIHBA RT 8016/SF16, model BOMBEAT. According to the latest information It is alleged that the bomb had been built into this radio-recorder. MEBO research into this subject with TOSHIBA have resulted in the clear statement that the forensically determined RT 8016/SF16-type had never been listed as BOMBEAT!
A confidential police-photograph from the FBI-files, picturing this Toshiba RT 8016/SF-16 radio-recorder, type! "BOMBEAT”, clearly shows a manipulated add-on of this name BOMBEAT onto the scale. MEBO hat the opportunity to examine this photograph at 14, of October 1999! Why did it have to be a BOMBEAT ???

During the official press-conference and indictment against Libva, on December 14, 1991, a single-speaker radio-recorder, TOSHIBA, type “BOMBEAT-453”, had been presented. Additionally to this radio, a PC-board fragment no. L106.101 had been shown being placed onto a thumb. We were explained that this radio-fragment had been discovered in container AVE 4041 of PanAm-103 near Lockerbie  and that this fragment was from said Toshiba BOMBMT 453-radio-recorder.

(report on the accident of Boeing 747 21 N739 PA at Lockerbie, page F2 paragraph 5, under title ‘Container Reconstruction’), the following: While this work was in progress, a buckled section at skin from container AVE 4041 was found by AAIB inspector to contain, trapped within its folds, an item which was subsequently identified by forensic scientists at the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishments, (RARDE), as belonging to a specific type of radio-cassete player and, (that this had been fitted with an improvised explosive?)

This radio-fragment is not to be mixed-up with the allegedly also disovered fragment from a MEMO MST-l3-timer circuit-board. Both alleged fragments are, however about the same size!

When MEBO extended its own internal research into the Lockerbie-tragedy also to the shown radio-fragment, it was quickly obvious from Toshiba support-material that the BOMBEAT fragment displayed by one forensic expert are not from a Toshiba BOMBEAT 453-radio-recorder!

At the same time MEBO also clearly established that the alleged SAMSONITE suit -case, type SILHOUETTE 4000, allegedly used to transport the radio-bomb, was not manufactured outside the USA, but was made in Denver, Colorado and had been distributed in USA only!

MEBO well informed the authorities and forensic team of these findings what promted a REVISED FORENSIC SUSPICION-report to be sent to MEBO on August 1993. In this report the origin of the Toshiba BOMBEAT 453-fragmert had now been changed to the Toshiba 2-speaker radio-recorder typ RT 8016/SF 16 BOMBEAT! The subsequent re-investigaton by MEBO with help from Toshiba circuit-print layout-plans confirmed that the alleged Toshiba fragment is actually from a 2-speaker Toshiba RT 8016/SF-16 radio-recorder that had been exclusivelv sold in the USA ! The additional type-identification. "BOMBEAT", has never been used for this 2-speak. Toshiba model!

(TOSHIBA, Type RT 8016,                2-speaker radio-recorder, distributed in region 1 =Europa)
(TOSHIBA, Type RT 8016/SF-16,   2-speaker radio-recorder, distributed in region 2 =America)
(TOSHIBA, Type RT 8016/FQ         2-speaker radio-recorder, distributed in region 3 =Asia)

During the BKA police-raids in Neuss/Germany on HO of the PFLP-GC, General Command Ahmed Jibril,  (a Palestinian group) with multiple arrests on October 26, 1988, four 1-speaker Toshiba radio-recorders. Typ BOMBEAT 453 had been discovered, one is missing! The units had been prepared into aircraft-bombs. including altimeter triggers (not MEBO-timer's!)

Good numbers of VlPs had booked on PanAm-lO3 on December 21, 1988,. but then changed their scheduled flight that same day!

1) Steve Green, Assistant Administrator, Intelligence Office DEA. Steve Green had been seen or the tarmac, watching PanAm flight 103 take off from Heathrow-airport in London. (F/DG/FR/2)

2) Oliver ReveIl. jun., (son of Buck Revell, FBI-Head Investigator in the Lockerbie-case, cancelled his flight, 3 weeks prior to his planned departure. (F/EG/FR/2)

3) John Mccarty, US-Ambassador to Cyprus. (F/FG/FR/2)

4) PikBotha, the former South African Foreign Minister and his delegation, consisting of a total of 22 persons, (along with Pik Botha were i.e, General Mallon, Defence Minister and General Van Tonda, (Head of the South African Secret Service BOSS ), and several other senior government officials.

Mr. Gerrit Pretorius. Pik Botha's private secretary at that trio, confirmed that the South African delegation had been booked on flight PanAm-103; but said that this flight had arrived at Heathrow Airport an hour early, and the South African Embassy had arranged a different flight to New York.

Only a well-informed insider agent who himself was part of the preparation in the PanAm-103-plot, with open contacts to the Secret Service BOSS, was able to warn BOSS, and others on short-term to not board PanAm-103!

5) Mr. Basura, was a duly booked and processed passenger at Heathrow airport who then had made himself allegedly so drunk in the waiting room, that it was decided to not let him board this flight PA-103.
The interesting discovery is that, Mr Basura's baggage was subsequently not being unloaded, offering the reason to later sue PanAm for compensation due to disregard of safety-regulations !
The investigating authorities wit have to clarify this incident had been ‘planned’ by a script-like scenario. It seems to be possible that his seat had subsequently been occupied by Khaled Jaafar no.1! The total number of booked and expected passengers would thus have total led the expected tally anyway!

Who was Mohamed Abu Talb working for??
His second name, "Abu Intiqam", (the father of revenge)

After ten years of selfproclaimed intensive research into the Lockerbie-tragedy, we suddenly see the Scottish authorities and forensic experts nervously compelled to start a close-up investigation of the PanAm 103-plot on account of the, (very likely never expected), imminent start of the trial at Kemp Zeist, in February 2000!

In addition to at the very recently restarted forensic investigations into many most prominent angles of the Lockerbie-plot, we have learned from the, ‘Scotsmen’, and via Internet on November 4, 1999 that detectives from Dumfries have travelled to Tripoli, Malta, Cyprus and Sweden to x-ray Abtu Talb’s life and also check on all air-travel, i.e on Cyprus Airways, bank connection and other activities, of Mr. Khaled Jaafar, the drug-courier, and the following US-Inteligence personnel:

-Mr. Matthew Kevin Gannon, CIA/DEA North Ardmore, California, (he was in those days supervising officer for Khaled Jaafar No.1)

-Mr. Maj. Charles Dennis McKee, ISA, Arlington. Virginia-USA

-Mr. Daniel Emmet O'Connor, Dorchester, Massachusetts-USA

-Mr. Ronald Albert Lariviere, (Security officer), Alexandra, Virginia-USA

-Mr. Michael T Hurley, (DEA, Cyprus resident agent.)

It could actually be considered a tremendous monstrosity to learn that the Scottish authorities and forensic research teams are only today, (ten years after the alleged Lockerbie-bombing), collecting vital evidence for the Crown to prosecute the alleged suspects in the, "biggest criminal incident of this century"

Abu Talb, a Lebanese rational, is a member of the, "Popular Front for the Liberation of Paletine-General Command, (PFLF-GG), Ahmed Jibril!'.

Abu Talb was active in Cyprus, where he maintained a bank-account and contacts whit several friends. He was also operating in Malta as welI as Sweden where he and his wife made their home with parallel application for political asylum, which was quickly granted. He also maintained close contacts with a sub-organisation of the PFLP-GC in West-Germany.

see internet:

The couple Talb had visitet Cyprus in October 3, 1988. He stayed there until October 18, when he left for Malta and stayed there until then October26, then he returned to Sweden In Malta Talb purchased several pieces of clothing.
Just now, in Nov.1999, the evidence-list from from Swedish police from the apartment of Abu Talb , dated May 18. 1989, shows an item listed as "Flight ticker, route Malta, Reins, Stockholm. The ticket, (with Abu Talb's name), was used November 26th, 1888!
A razzia in Abu Talbs aartment in Uppsala. Sweden, produced a calendar of 1988. On the page of December a circle had been drawn around the 21st.

We do not know today if he had purchased such clothing in the Boutique, "Mary House" owned by Mr. Toni Gaucci At one point, the Maltese shopkeeper Toni Gaucci, relentlessly questioned by FBI and Scottish police, was shown Abu Talb’s
photograph He then said, that Abu Talb could have been the clothes-buyer. But Toni Gaucci is never the one to make definite statements!

The robot-picture that was shown to Toni Gaucci had been prepared in such away that it sould have fit both: Abu Talb and Abdelbaset Megrahi!

According to credible media-internet-information, revenge had been announced and planned, following the criminal downing of IRAN AIR IR-655, on July 3, 1988, (290 casualties. of which 66 children), The "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General command, (PFLP.GC) Ahmed Jibril, is said. to have accepted the order from Iran, according to news-media and different Internet publication reports!

The Israeli secret service MOSSAD had established after a "Payback”, publication, that secret activities by PFLP-GC group in Neuss/West-Germany were clearly pointing toward a plannd the aircraft-bombing plot!

Because of MOSSAD’s early warning to the West-German government, the German Federal Police (BKA), was then able to apprehend several members of the PFLP-GC-group in Neuss-West-Germany on October 26, 1988, during the wellprepared project “Herbstlaub”!  This raid also netted quite a number of weapons, SEMTEX explosives and several radio-recorders, “Toshiba Bombeat 453”, that had already ben prepared to be used for aircraft-bombing plots. No MEBO MST-13 timers have been recovered during this raid!

Most of the arrested PFLP-GC that not been apprehended that day on October 26, 1988 called on Abu Talb to return to Sweden, where he was arrested by Swedish police;- but freed again only a short time later. The clothing that Abu Talb had purchased in Malta was also returned to him on the day of his release!

Abu Talb also met Khaled Jaafar no. 2 in Sweden, when K. Jaafar travelled from Germany to Sweden on December 18/19/, 1988 in the company of a companion: Mr. Goldberg! During this encounter Abu Talb handed Khaled Jaafar new cloting, (aquired in Malta), that should have been handed to a friend in USA!

Why did Abu Talb have to return to Malta on November 26, 188 to once again purchase the much described clothing ? Possibly to later identify Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, as the buyer of this clothing. This may very well been part of the conspiracy against Megrahi and Libya!

Abu Talb was then re-arrested following the Lockerbie-crash, accused of terrorism and convicted based on the flimsiest evidence. He is now serving time in, “Kumla”, prison in Sweden.

We have never learned if the Malta-clothing, discovered at Lockerbie, had actually anything to do with alleged bombing, or if they were simply indtroduced to create false leads.
There is another most important question that still remains to be answered. Why is PanAm-103 still being treated under the seal of “NATIONAL SECURITY” ? PanAm-103 was a civilian aircraft, the same as TWA-800, and it has already been wel publicised that CIA and DEA personnel were among the passengers of flight PA-103. Al the US-hostages in Lebanon had been freed threee weeks following the crash.
What kind of secrets are there to be protected, preventing the USA from lifting “NATIONAL SECURITY”, -STATUS ???

In memory of those who died on PanAm-103 crash

to be continued…..