The victims of Lockerbie, Scotland

Not only did the bomb on Pan Am 103 put an end to the lives of those aboard the aircraft. It also took care of 11 innocent people on the ground.These are the ground-victims of crash Pan Am 103. They were all residents of Lockerbie:

The Henry's were an elderly couple living in Sherwood Crescent. Their house was hit by the heavy Pratt&Whitney flight engine, and the impact was so big, that Maurice Henry's famous blue garden pavement stones flew 3 blocks away, landing on the roof of a nearby police-station.

The Somerville's had lived in no. 15, Sherwood Crescent. The Flannigans just across the road in no. 16. Steven Flannigan, their son, was the only one surviving the impact of the engine. He was on his way home, just a half-block away, when Sherwood Crescent exploded in flames.

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