Lester Coleman - from agent to outcast
The story of an American drug enforcement agent and Pan Am 103
Lester Coleman - from agent to outcast

This is Lester K. Coleman III- once a devoted patriot and dedicated servant of the US government. But just like so many other American citizens he soon learned that patriotism isn't the same as love for his government.
In fact, today Lester Coleman is regarded by his once beloved government as a public enemy number 1. How and why does an American agent trade a dreamjob on the sunny island of Cyprus with a life as an international fugitive in Sweden and later as an inmate in an American state prison ???

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It all started on the 21st of December 1988, when Pan Am 103 was blown out of the winter sky over Lockerbie in Scotland. Coleman became a "whistleblower" - an agent who uncovered the dirty work of the US government and lived to talk about it. Coleman, agent for the US Defence Intelligence Agent, National Military Collections Agency, MC/10 Section, was also involved with ISA (Intelligence Support Activity ). The DIA then worked in conjunction with DEA in Lebanon after the CIA Station Beirut was bombed and Station Chief kidnapped. According to Lester Coleman, the crash of Pan Am 103 was not only the work of terrorism - but also the work of government approved dirty drug bargaining. For this statement he went to prison.

Together with former New York Times Editor, Donald Goddard, Coleman wrote a book about the Pan Am 103 and the drug trade connection of his own government THE TRAIL OF THE OCTOPUS. Just before it was to be published in UK, Coleman was sued by the US government who also issued a warranty for his arrest. The British publishers declined after this episode to publish the book, and another publisher in the USA bought the rights - but also this American publisher was sued by both government and private persons not to publish the TRAIL OF THE OCTOPUS. In the free Western world, censorship is still alive and kicking!

  • The Trail of the Octopus

  • Read excerpts from Lester Coleman's book
  • News from Lester Coleman
  • Appeal for help from Lester Coleman

  • When Lester Coleman started writing his book and making public affairs, he became followed all over the place by dozens of undercover FBI agents. They wanted to find out, if he was a spy and if he was going to sell out of his knowledge to Russians or others.
    In the beginning Coleman was amused by those undercover agents - but soon problems started to become serious...

    Coleman, the whistleblower

    But what did Les Coleman exactly do to annoy his former employer at the US drug administration ?
    Well, he "blew the whistle" - - - he exposed how the US government used drugs to trade about the release of hostages. That is old news, but he actually blamed the bombing of Pan Am 103 to the drug trade, claiming the US government knew about the bomb, and that the bomb was brought aboard Pan Am 103 by the very own drug dealers, that cooperated so much with the US government.
  • How it all started - short overview of Colemans theory

  • The story of Lester Coleman - deep coverage by John Ashton

  • Lester Coleman's biggest proof of how the bombing of Pan Am 103 was connected to US drug trade, is a copy from the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), a US Government entity that monitors (with NSA support) foreign communications traffic and puts out a daily classified summary for interagency consumption. Read it while you still can...

  • The FBIS document that shows forehand US knowledge of Iranian planning of the Pan Am 103-crash

  • Lester Coleman's story of the downing of Pan Am 103 was investigated - not by FBI or the Scottish police - but by Pan Am Airlines themselves. They hired former security expert Yuval Aviv to make a report of Coleman's allegations. Yuval Aviv found Coleman´s story to be higly possible - and then he was sued and tried silenced as well...

  • The investigation of Yuval Aviv and Lester Coleman

  • Overview: what did Lester Coleman do to the Bush/Reagan administration ?

  • Easy target Libya: is Coleman defending Qadhafi ?

  • It was claimed that Michael Hurley, a former DIA-agent and collegue of Coleman, paid for Coleman's legal defense. We don't know if this is true or not, but Hurley himself gave an interview regarding the Coleman-case already in 1995, where Hurley supported Coleman in the story of American drug trade practice.

  • Interview with Michael Hurley and some comments

  • Wouldn't you just wish you could go 10 years back in time ?!? Fugitive in Sweden

    After Lester Coleman published the book TRAIL OF THE OCTOPUS all hell went loose. An arrest order was issued by the US government accusing Lester Coleman for perjury and for revealing secret information. To avoid arrest, Coleman fled to Sweden where he claimed political asylum. For Sweden, an ally of the USA, this was a real hot potato. We don't know what exeactly happened, but finally his lawyers convinced Coleman to leave Sweden and return to the USA after a short stay in Spain.

    Unsurprisingly, word of his return to the USA had leaked out. A short while before finalising his flight plans he was attacked by four men and beaten to a pulp. He arrived in the US in a wheelchair on 17 October 1996, arrested and placed in custody on Federal charges. His book, due to be published in the US had been now been suppressed. US distributors for Signet Books, said the publication date was "indefinitely postponed" by a court order.

  •  Coleman in jail - the question why ? from The Washington Post

  • Coleman in jail - denied medical treatment and alone in custody

  • Together with drug abusers and hardcore criminals Coleman served awaited trial for months and months. His family was denied visiting hours, and Coleman himself was denied medical aid on several occasions. If died in jail, it would have solved many troubles for the US government. But Coleman was not easy to get rid of. The public kept a close eye on him through the help of his publishers.

  • Coleman in jail - malpractice of justice

  • Complaint from Lester Coleman's lawyer

  • Even former journalists who covered his story extensively, were shocked to hear about the tretment Coleman was going through in his prison cell in the US.

  • John Ashton writes about Coleman's treatment in prison

  • Even some of the relatives of the victims of Pan Am 103 became concerned:
    Dr Jim Swire, the spokesman for British relatives of the Lockerbie victims, said he was disturbed at how the US authorities
    were handling the case. "The gross maltreatment of Coleman by the American authorities appears to fit a pattern of the
    victimisation of people who challenge the official version that Libya was solely to blame for Lockerbie," he said. American relatives didn't know what to think about the whole story. Was their own government indeed responsible for the death of their families and friends ?

    Guilty of perjury - but was he guilty ?

    Finally in the late fall of 1997 Coleman was released from prison and placed in house arrest in his own house. By now he was a sick and broken man - but with the help of friends and family - and doctors! - he regained his strenght to fight back. He was allowed to work on a local radio station for a living, and by the means of media his mouth was far from shut by the US government:
  • Lester Coleman admits perjury in court + a comment from his publisher about the verdict

  • Michael Brown from ON CENSORSHIP.ORG about Coleman's verdict

  • Discussions in court - trancript from audiotape

  • Letter from Coleman to his attorney accusing him of malfeasance

  • Aftermath: a new beginning ?

    Lester Colemans life has never been the same since Pan Am 103 crashed over Lockerbie in 1988. For more than 10 years, Coleman has lived the life of a fugitive, an undercover agent and a prisoner. Today his back is broken, but his spirit of freedom and the quest for open freedom of expression has become his idealisms. He regurlary makes speeches about his imprisonment, although he is not allowed to talk about Pan Am 103 in public anymore. This year he will go to South Africa to participate in the work for human rights. Good luck, Lester!
  • Lester Coleman's speech about his imprisonment 14/4/1998

  • More news from Lester Coleman

  • The interest for Lester Coleman and his story is far from over. Many people still don't believe that he admitted to the claims of perjury voluntary. They belive he was forced to admit the charges, or that he finally gave up to remain alive and sane. But nevertheless, Lester Coleman arised awarness of the risks the US government is exposing to its citizens in international airtraveling. And maybe his story have helped open up the issue a bit....
  • Was the fate of Coleman a warning to journalists and editors ?

  • Father of victim verbally attacks journalist covering Coleman's story

  • "How low can we go ?" - Coleman and Cohen in verbal fight

  • Latest News from and about Lester Coleman

    At present Lester Colemans lawyers are busy with appealing the perjury claim.
  • Compiled abstract of upcoming appeal from Lester Coleman, December 1998

  • Meanwhile the US government does its best to obstruct Lester from carrying on any normal life. He is not allowed to visit his old and sick mother in Alabama and his movement is legally restricted to take place only in the south of Kentucky.

  • Coleman has to pay 30.000 USD in fines from his disability money!
  • Colemans response to that letter - coming soon.

  • Lester Coleman has to win the appeal trial in order to recapture his personal credibility and in order to shed some more light on the confusing investigation of the crash of Pan Am 103 - his lawyers have now found new evidence to support his claims of US Intelligence interference into the abuse of Pan Am 103 as drug carrier flight.

    Important documents with reference to Kalid Nazir Jafaar have been obtained in discovery by lawyers representing Lester Coleman. This includes the official inventory and photocopies of all the effects found on Jafaar's body at the crash site. Other documents include copies of every page of the Lebanese passport found on Jafaar, and records of his USA citizenship. A careful study of the documents reveals that there seems to be more to Kalid Jafaar than the USA government has admitted after all.

    Summary of evidence:

    The only passport belonging to Jafaar recovered at the crash site is the Lebanese Passport No. 338471 issued to him 12 July, 1983. There is no record of his USA passport No. 022807773 issued to him June 24, 1988. The recovered Lebanese passport contains a USA B-2 multiple entry, non-immigrant visa issued July 18, 1988, American Embassy, Beirut. A careful study reveals that the B-2 visa was issued to Jafaar AFTER he became a naturalized USA citizen on February 29, 1988 and AFTER he obtained a valid USA passport June 24, 1988.

  • Scanned copy of Jaafar's Lebanese passport, page with US Visa, issued July 1988
  • Scanned copy of Khalid Jaafar's application for an American passport, June 1988

  • Please note that his address and phone number has been removed my website facilitator in order to protect the privacy of the Jaafar family.

    This raises a question that has never been raised in the past ten years.

    At the time this visa was issued ( July 18, 1988 ) (within days after the shootdown of the Iranian airbus by the Vincennes ) THE CONSULATE SECTION, USA EMBASSY BEIRUT WAS CLOSED. The only way Jafaar could have obtained a visa in Beirut is with high level US government assistance. Note: It is illegal for a USA citizen to enter the United States on a foreign passport.

    In his declaration to obtain a USA passport, Jafaar stated he lived continually in the USA from 12/87 - 6/88 ( six months) USA Immigration regulations require an alien resident to live continually in the USA the previous year to be eligible for USA citizenship. Jafaar only resided in American for the previous 6 MONTHS!!!!

    Jafaar worked as a delivery driver for Dominos Pizza in Dearborn, Michigan. Payroll records obtained from the FBI in discovery, show for the week of May 16, 1988 that he worked only 2.3 hours. Therefore there is no document to confirm his whereabouts the remainder of that month. He very well could have been in Cyprus as Coleman stated in his affidavit filed in the Pan Am civil case, that the government claims was false.

    There is some probable cause to conclude that Kalid Jafaar had some affiliation with, and, or, close assistance from, US government agents in high places. Kalid's grandfather, Um Moostafa, says in the Maltese Double Cross film that Kalid's papers and transportation was arranged by the Americans. However, the US government sent Coleman to jail for saying just that.

    There could be another reason for Khalid Jaafar's double passports. Middle Eastern citizens use this option regularly for problemless travel between the Mid East and USA. But the Jaafar-story does not end with that. He was seen escorted by Cyprus Police at arrival by a witness. Read this document, obtained from the Swedish Police:

  • Witness observes Khalid Jaafar escorted from ferry by Cyprus Police at arrival

  • Stay tuned for more information about Lester Coleman's appeal case, more evidence and news on this page! 

    Latest News: Les Coleman wins Lockerbie appeal
    05/05/99 A 3 judge panel at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled May 4 that Circuit Judge Thomas C. Platt violated the civil rights of defendant, Lester Coleman.  It was a 3-0 decision.  It is now left to the government if they wish to reindict Coleman, who was accused of perjury over an affidavit filed in the Pan Am 103 civil litigation. The US Attorney who prosecuted the case, Alan Vickery has left the Justice Department. In light of recent litigation involving President Clinton over similar allegations, it is doubtful the US government will persue this matter further.

    Lester Coleman back in jail!

    first week of August 1999 Lester Coleman was arrested and put in a Kentucky jail this week for allegedly handling bad checks at an amount of at least 5000 USD. Jim Shuffett from Lexington, KY, is his lawyer. Stay tuned for more news about Lester Coleman!

    01/01/2000 Lester Coleman is still in jail and has lost his lawyer. Bail is set to 10000 USD and his friends are fundraising to get the bail paid. They still need almost 5000 USD - and they don't accept checks !
    Lester Colemans plea sent from prison to the public - read it on THIS website!

    Very latest News from Lester Coleman

    ===========RUMOR MILL NEWS AGENCY===========
    Dateline: March 12 ,2000
    By Rayelan Allan --  RMNews Agency
    LEXINGTON, KY   The long awaited trial of Les Coleman, begins
    tomorrow in Lexington, Kentucky. Coleman is  the
    author of The Trail of the Octopus, the book that exposes the
    DEA's involvement in the bombing of Pan Am 103. Coleman is one of a long list
    of government whistle blowers who have been silenced by incarceration.
    The trial is expected to last two to three days.
    What are the charges?
    Mr. Coleman is being charged with fraud due to a check in the
    amount $1200.00
    I wonder how much money the state of Kentucky will spend on
    this trial?
    The $1200.00 check was sent to Mr. Coleman so he could attend the Pan Am 103
    trial in the Hague. It came through people who have
    connections to the Intelligence community. It was given to
    Coleman's landlady to pay the rent. It is now said to have been
    fraudulent   Whether or not it is or was   has not been proved
    beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Back in 1989, when I married Gunther Russbacher, he was thrown
    in jail for one year due to "fraud". The two checks in question had
    already been paid by the bank. But he was held for one year due to
    this charge. He finally was forced to plead guilty and agree to a
    probation. When the CIA caused him to violate the terms of his
    probation, he was thrown in jail for 28 years. It took us four long
    and agonizing years to get him out of prison.
    What happened to Les Coleman is a typical way that the United
    States Government sidelines whistle blowers.
    If you live near Lexington and  can attend the trial, please do so.
    It will be held at the Fayette County Court House
    215 W. Main Room 2B
    Lexington, KY
    The presiding judge is Thomas Clark
    Les Coleman has a new lawyer who tells him that the State doesn't
    have a case. Gunther and I were told this also. However, if the
    court is a kangaroo court, it doesn't matter if the State doesn't have
    a case.
    Your prayers are needed. Les Coleman told the truth when he
    wrote the book, The Trail of the Octopus. He is being punished for
    being a whistle blower.
    Please do what you can to help. Just remember
    Television station WKYT CHANNEL 27 says they will cover the
    trial. In Gunther's case, all the television stations in St Louis were
    set to cover the trial, but at the last moment, they all backed out.
    These televisions stations need to know that this trial is important.
    Please contact them either by phone or by looking up their
    There are also newspapers that need to be contacted:
    If Les is lucky and the verdict is NOT GUILTY   then he is going
    to need a job.
    Before he was arrested, he was working as a Radio Talk Show host
    on WLXC 1300 in Lexington. His program was the Mid-
    Day Town Forum. It was the most popular show in the area.
    Les Coleman has a wife and children to support once he gets out.
    If you know a radio station that is brave enough to have Les Coleman as
    a radio host, please contact them.
    Lexington Contact:
    Bill Harrison
    102 Lakawana Rd.
    Lexington, KY 40503
    Or call:
    A. Ernest Fitzgerald
    703.356. 7270
    Les' Current Address:
    Lester K. Coleman 4B
    200 Clark St
    Lexington, KY 40507
     If you don't know who Les Coleman is, here are some articles and websites
    that will bring you up to speed:
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    News from Les Coleman
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    Lester Coleman
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    Links Pan Am 103 Bomb to Iran
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    of Pan Am 103 Bombing Is Crumbling

    For anyone wanting to get into contact with Lester Coleman or even contribute to mr. Colemans defense fund, please contact:

    The Coleman Family Fund
    Nancy (Mrs Lorne) Greene
    PO Box 7339
    Incline Village, NV 89450, USA
    email: C3eye@aol.com