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Pan Am 103 and the Lockerbie Trial
In the evening of December 21st. 1988 flight Pan Am 103 exploded and pieces of the plane fell onto the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 259 people on the plane and 11 people on the ground. This air-disaster of the century has now its own homepage on the internet. 

Since 1995, this is the place on the Net to find more than 70 MB of documents, pictures, sounds, films and all kinds of information on the crash of Pan Am 103 at Lockerbie from 1988 and to this day. If you cannot find what you are looking for here on these pages - it's probably not on the web at all !!! 

Latest news about the crash of Pan Am 103 and the Lockerbie Bombing Trial is updated every day.

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Latest news headlines
Law expert helps Libya with Lockerbie appeal (18-03-2002)
Professor Robert Black flew to Tripoli the day after Megrahi's appeal was rejected
Libya demands release of hostage Megrahi (17-03-2002)
Thousands of Libyans have protested against the Scottish appeals court decision
Edward Kennedy comments on Pan Am 103 appeal verdict (18-03-2002)
Read the full press release from Kennedy´s office
£30,000 That's cost to taxpayer of flying Megrahi to Barlinnie (16-03-2002)
Megrahi´s flight to prison cost taxpayers £30,000 - because the RAF had no suitable helicopters.
5 pound ransom on Megrahi´s head in Barlinnie (15-03-2002)
Prisoners in Barlinnie have vowed to kill the Lockerbie bomber for a £5 phonecard.
Megrahi lost his appeal (14-03-2002)
Judges chose to dismiss Megrahi´s Lockerbie bombing appeal - go to SPECIAL APPEAL VERDICT PAGE
CIA evidence 'clears Libya' of Lockerbie (17-02-2002)
Megrahi's appeal team ignored 'evidence' from key CIA investigator that claims Iran was behind PanAm 103
The Appeal Verdict - special coverage  (19-03-2002)
News, information, pictures, comments and reactions on the appeal verdict March 14, 2002.
Top law experts hired for appeal case - special coverage  (02-09-2001)
Packed with information, pictures, interviews and background notes on the top legal experts for Megrahi´s upcoming appeal hearing team.
Judgment day - a special feature coverage  (08-02-2001)
A page, updated around the hour: the verdict, the news, the interviews, the opinions and reactions, the pictures and much more - all about judgment day in Camp Zeist !
The Lockerbie trial 2000/2001: pictures   (08-02-2001)
See the page with pictures from the Lockerbie bombing trial. Set screen resolution to 1024*768 and in 16 million colors for best viewing result.
Interview with defence council Richard Keen  (06-02-2001)
If you were facing life imprisonment for mass murder, would you choose to be represented in court by a lawyer who had never done a criminal case in his life? Fhima did - and won. Interview with the QC who was dubbed "Mr. Cool" by the press.
Radio Netherlands icy verdict-comment:   (06-09-2001)
Münchhausen, Archer and Nixon read Edwin Bollier, Toni Gauci and Abdul Majid Giaka.
Important links
Ian Ferguson and professor Robert Black cover the Lockerbie bombing trial on a daily basis with in-depth reviews of the legal proceedings, controversal comments and direct trial transcripts.
The Sunday Herald Lockerbie Case Website (2001)
A special website by the Scottish weekend paper THE SUNDAY HERALD - featuring exclusive articles by investigative journalists on the entire Lockerbie case.
Lockerbie Trial Briefing at Glasgow University (2000)
Set up by Glasgow University this website covers the legal proceedings of the Lockerbie bombing trial on a daily basis. Their former chief-in-charge, Andrew Fulton, was last spring exposed as being an agent of the British intelligence service MI6.
Joe Vialls on the Lockerbie Bombing Trial (2000)
Private Eye Joe Vialls has been updating news from the Lockerbie Bombing Trial since its very beginning in May. In short and critical (!) comments he analyses every step of the proceedings.
Swiss electronics experts Edwin Bollier and Erwin Meister have both testified at the Lockerbie bombing trial. Now they are back with explosive suggestions on their official website.
"One comes across interesting documents while working as a merchant banker." - a former pilot and businessman has an interesting story to tell about Pan Am 103. Read his book and visit his website.
Victims of Pan Am 103 Inc.   (2000)
The website of the American relatives´ organization "Victims of Pan Am 103 Inc." has undergone radical changes since its first appearance on the net last year. Now the site is fully updated with memorial articles, news items, pictures and links. 
Inside specials
Pictures of a gruesome disaster  (2000)
Richard Carr was a member of the R.A.F's "Aicraft Salvage and Transportation Flight" at the time of the disaster. See the pictures he took of the crashed PA 103 on location in Lockerbie 1988.
Top secret: US intelligence files on PA 103 for sale (10-01-2002)
435 secret investigation-files from 1988-1991, available on CD-ROm for 10 USD, please contact for details.
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Click to go!American RadioWorks conducted a six-month investigation into the case. View the result in their one-hour special program, "Shadow Over Lockerbie." View all the transcripts, listen to sound-files and read original documents.
Click to go!Books - the new reading page is filled with revviews of books on Pan Am 103, the Lockerbie Trial and much more ! (updated November 18, 2001)
Click to go!Transcript of the American program "60 Minutes" from April 1999, about the criminal investigation into the crash of Pan Am 103.
Click to go!The Lockerbie trial verdict: view the full coverage of the verdict in the Lockerbie bombing trial, January 2001. With pictures, interviews, transcripts and much more !
Click to go!The first ten years: View and read all about the 10th commemoration anniversary held in December 1998 in remembrance of Pan Am 103.
Click to go!Controversal and persistent: when young Theodora Cohen was killed on Pan Am 103, her parents took up a never ending fight for justice: "A meeting with us is no walk in the park."
Click to go!British victims activist Dr. Jim Swire lost his daughter Flora on Pan Am 103. When the current trial is over, he is going to push for an independent inquiry. Read his latest interview (06-02-2001)
Click to go!A group of people supporting the innocence of Abdel Basset Megrahi have launched an international online effort for his release.
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