Before you start e-mailing me with questions and comments, you might find the answers to some of your questions here on this page. Also, if you need help for viewing the PAN AM 103-PAGES you might find it here.
For my special viewers at the CIA, FBI and other places: give it up! This website is in no way allocated with any foreign intelligence service. Spare the taxpayers money and find something useful to do!

Q: Why did you make this website ?
A: I am interested in the crash of Pan Am 103 and the Lockerbie crisis since I wrote my major paper in law school about international criminal law and extradition. I have no personal interest in or connection to the crash of Pan Am 103.

Q: Do you get money from Libya for making your website ?
A: Yes - but they pay lousy!
Seriously: No of course I am not! - but such questions keep coming up in my e-mail box. I get as much money from Libya as American relatives of Pan Am 103 get from the CIA. Just because someone has an opinion about anything, it doesn't mean he or she is an agent for others, who share the same opinion. Actually if you wanna know, I am loosing money by working on those pages.

Q: Do you know, who blew up Pan Am 103 ?
A: No. But my personal view is, that Iran paid for it and planned it. PFLP-groups carried it out from Frankfurt, Germany. I might be right - and I might be wrong.

Q: Do you have any more pictures, documents or information that you can send me ?
A: Yes, I have loads of it. But I probably got it from the same places where you can find it: newspaper archives, libraries, books, public information offices, relative's groups, annuals, public reports, hearings etc. Try looking for your requested material those places FIRST, then, if you can't find it, tell me exactly, what you are looking for.

Q: Why are there so many misspellings and language errors on your website ?
A: Sorry, sorry, sorry.....English is not my native language. If I made some grave mistake somewhere, let me know about it and it will be fixed.

Q: I can't find some of the pages...
A: Try again a few seconds later. Maybe I am just updating that page at the very moment. If a page is still missing, please notify me on the missing link, and I'll update it as quick as possible. If several pages seem to be missing - hurry to notify me, because that means something is really wrong and I haven't noticed it.

Don't worry about my website(s) disappearing by rule of legal lawsuits, intelligence pressure, hacking attempts or acts of sabotage. I take backup's on a daily basis and there are numerous webhostels out there for my website to check in if it is ever kicked or forced out of Geocities. The Lockerbie/103 Website has already a secret mirror-location that will appear in an emergency situation and that is an exact and fully updated copy of this very website.

Q: You say that your page is updated, then why isn't it ?
A: Typical error: you have been viewing my website on the same computer for some time and your browser has downloaded the page in order to call it up quicker from the browser-cache. Try deleting the files in your cache, then reload the page (s). If still no update, then wait a few minutes, since I probably am updating it right now. If still no update, please notify me and give me the name of the page (i.e. which exact link location URL).

Q: Your pages are loading too slow...
A: No, my pages are not to slow, your computer is. See next question for help to improve your pc.

Q: How can I fully view the PAN AM 103-pages on my pc ?
A: Here are the technical specifications for minimum success:
*** 486' pc, 8 Mb RAM, Netscape Navigator 3.0/Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, screensize 600*800 and 256 colors

Here are the technical specifications for full success:
***Pentium 166 Mhz and up, 32 Mb RAM, Netscape 3.0/MIE 3.0, screensize 600*800 and 16 million (16 bit) colors, soundcard 16PnP with headphones or speakers. If you have better equipment, lucky for you.

You need Acrobat Reader 3.0 to view the pdf-files and QuickTime or Active Movie for film-files. Use YAHOO to find the latest shareware versions on the Internet and download the stuff, if you don't have it already.

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