Topics in today's digest:                        1. A PLEA FROM LESTER COLEMAN, POLITICAL PRISONER                             From:                  _______________________________________________________________________________                  _______________________________________________________________________________                  Message: 1                     Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 02:22:48 EST                     From:                  Subject: A PLEA FROM LESTER COLEMAN, POLITICAL PRISONER                  =====================================================                  ============RUMOR  MILL  NEWS AGENCY==============                  =====================================================                  Dateline:11.15.99                         A Plea For Help From Lester Coleman                         By Rayelan Allan, Publisher, RMNews                                                                 Interesting things always turn up in the Rumor Mill News mailbox.                  Today, when I checked the mailbox, I discovered a letter from Lester                  Coleman. Up until a few months ago, I had never heard of Lester Coleman.                  The only Coleman I knew was Dr. John Coleman, the author of Committee                  of Three Hundred and other books. One of my faithful Rumor Mill News                  readers let me know that if I didn't know about Lester Coleman, then I didn't                  know anything about government crimes and conspiracies.                        So I called my friend Rodney Stich, author of Defrauding America                  and Drugging America, and asked him to tell me about Lester Coleman.                        According to Stich, Coleman had been a agent for the Defense                  Intelligence Agency, working in the Middle East. Coleman told Stich that he                  discovered the DEA had copies of the stolen Inslaw's PROMIS software and                  that the DEA was involved in selling it. According to a book co-authored by                  Coleman called Trail of the Octopus, the DEA was involved or covered up                  for, a CIA-DEA-Lebanese- Syrian drug operation using Pan Am aircraft out                  of Frankfurt. This operation made possible the placement of the bomb on Pan                  Am Flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland.                       Lester Coleman is in prison. As I have done in the past with letters                  from former CIA operative Oswald LeWinter, I am publishing Coleman's                  uncensored letter.                        After his letter, I have quoted a portion of Rodney Stich's book,                  Defrauding America. It will help you understand who Lester Coleman is,                  and how he is indirectly connected to me.  Because of the way my article was                  published in Conspiracy Nation, Mr. Coleman has no idea who he sent his                  letter to. He believed he was sending it to Conspiracy Nation, not Rumor                  Mill News, which was founded by a man Coleman knows and probably                  worked with, Gunther Russbacher.                                      * * * * *                  Re: CNNS 03/06/99 Princess Diana/ Oswald LeWinter                            Special to Conspiracy Nation                                By Lester K. Coleman                                                                 I was shocked when I heard Oswald LeWinter, a longtime CIA                  operative was arrested in Austria. LeWinter was charged with attempting to                  sell "forged" CIA documents to Mohammad Fayed, about the deaths of his                  son Dodi and Princess Diana.                        LeWinter and I had been staunch critics of the American version of                  the bombing of Pan Am 103. The American version attempted to lay the                  blame on Libya's doorstep.                       We both had appeared in the highly acclaimed documentary film,                  The Maltese Double Cross, that exposed the American assertions as so much                  "coverup" and covert hocus-pocus.                       I ended up in a federal jail for a time over my assertions that a U.S.                  Drug-Sting gone bad had allowed the bomb on the Pam Am Jumbo Jet that                  blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland in December of 1988.                       After my release, LeWinter arranged for me and my family to                  recuperate from our ordeal in Palm springs, California. It was actually the                  first time we had ever met.                       I soon landed a job doing a radio talk show in Lexington, KY, and                  moved back east. My wife and I were looking forward to a normal life.                       And for over a year, it was normal. Then, having heard that Libya was                  actually going to turn over the two accused bombers for trial, I obtained                   press                  credentials to cover the trial. In April, 1999, I wrote the federal government                  asking that my passport be returned so I could travel to Holland, the site of                  the Lockerbie trial.                       To pay for my trip and to take my family with me, we had asked for                  funds through a homepage on the the internet.
                      Several checks, donations, arrived, drawn on European Banks. They
                 were forwarded to me and deposited in my own account. Others were even
                 sent to my landlady, directly, on my behalf. Suddenly, without warning, local
                 Lexington, KY police appeared at my door with a warrant charging me with
                 possession of forged documents!

                      Bail was set at $42,500.00! It was later dropped to $5,000   which I
                 could not make, my account was overdrawn by $13.00 due to the bogus

                      I languished in jail. As it turn out, Federal agents tipped off local
                 police, then walked away   or crawled back underneath the nearest rock.
                 Like LeWinter, I  was jailed, under similar circumstances, facing similar

                      My Lebanese wife, two weeks after my arrest broke down and was
                 hospitalized. Our three children were placed in foster care.

                      I have now been in jail 100 days. Supporters have managed to raise
                 $5,000, but bail is now $10,000 after being indicted by a Grand Jury.

                      My wife is unable to work, and is staying with friends. Our
                 belongings are in storage.

                      Anyone who wishes to help us, please contact:

                      Bill Harrison
                      102 Lakawana Rd.
                      Lexington, KY 40503

                      Rodney Stich
                      P.O. Box 5
                      Alamo, CA 94507
                      925 944 1930

                      Or call:
                      A. Ernest Fitzgerald
                      703.356. 7270

                      Thank you,

                      Lester K. Coleman 4B
                      200 Clark St
                      Lexington, KY 40507

                              From Defrauding America
                                  By Rodney Stich

                      "Coleman worked for the DIA in the Middle East, including the DEA
                 office in Nicosia from where the drug smuggling operation was monitored.
                 Coleman worked alongside DEA agent-in-charge Michael Hurley, and
                 according to Coleman and his book, Hurley monitored the CIA-DEA drug
                 operation using Pan Am aircraft. Coleman and another CIA agent, Oswald
                 LeWinter, said that Hurley was the DEA agent-in-charge of the area
                 including world famous CIA drug trafficking at Mean, Arkansas.

                      While working alongside Hurley, Coleman discovered that the
                 PROMIS software, stolen by Reagan Justice Department officials from the
                 Inslaw company, was being sold by the DEA's Nicosia office. The sales
                 involved a company call Eurame, which also dealt in the sale of drugs and
                 arms. Coleman saw boxes of PROMIS software labeled PROMIS Ltd,
                 Toronto, Canada in the DEA office at Nicosia. The software was installed by
                 a CIA front company, Link Systems, LTD. The sale of this stolen software
                 was another enterprise involving Michael Hurley, in addition to his role in
                 the drug trafficking, PROMIS software sales had been made to Jordan, Iran,
                 Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and other countries.

                      Disturbed about the government's involvement in downing Pan Am
                 103, and in drug smuggling, Coleman co-authored a book with Donald
                 Goddard that was published in Great Britain, Trail of the Octopus, exposing
                 the truth behind the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. Much of this information
                 coincided with information that CIA agents had given to author Rodney Stich
                 several years earlier.

                      A week before the book's publicized release date, Justice Department
                 prosecutor Sean O'Shea filed two false charges against Coleman, intending
                 to discredit what he was revealing. One charge was for an alleged passport
                 violation and the other charge was for making an alleged false statement in
                 the civil law suit involving the relatives against Pan American airlines.

                      Shortly before being charged with the passport violation, his DIA
                 handlers instructed him to return to Beirut after first obtaining a passport
                 using a forged birth certificate given to him years earlier as a cover. After
                 Coleman did this, Justice Department prosecutors charged him with making
                 false statements on the passport application. The DIA either backed off from
                 providing Coleman a defense, or was part of the scheme to silence and
                 discredit Coleman.

                      Coleman prepared an affidavit that was to be entered into the
                 litigation against Pan Am by the relatives of the dead. Coleman had stated in
                 the affidavit details of the CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation using Pan Am
                 aircraft, and Justice Department prosecutors then charged him with perjury
                 for revealing these criminal activities.

                      Without funds to hire legal counsel, and recognizing the slim chance
                 of defending himself against the sham Justice Department charges, Coleman
                 fled with his family to Sweden, where he was given political asylum.
                      In 1997 he decided to return and fight the charges, assisted by old
                 friend, Alabama governor Forst James, who arranged passage for the
                 Coleman family and paid for the flight to the United States. Coleman was
                 immediately arrested upon arriving in the United States. Spending more time
                 in prison waiting to be tried than the normal incarceration for such a

                      It is a criminal offense for anyone, including a Justice Department
                 employee, to inflict harm upon a person for trying to report a federal crime.
                 By fraudulently charging Coleman with a criminal offense for reporting the
                 CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation, Justice Department employees
                 committed serious criminal acts.

                      In 1994, European film producer, Allan Francovich, produced a
                 documentary  film, The Maltese Double Cross. The film revealed the truth
                 associated with the downing of Pan Am Flight 103. The film showed the
                 falsity of the evidence fabricated by Justice Department officials and showed
                 that Libya and Libyans were not involved in the bombing. Appearing in the
                 television documentary was Oswald LeWinter, who provided additional
                 support to the CIA-DEA drug pipeline which used the Pan Am aircraft.

                      Francovich tried to have his television documentary played in the
                 United States, but could not find any television station or cable operator who
                 would handle such a sensitive matter despite its success in Europe.

                      Coleman experienced the same refusal by U.S. distributors to handle
                 the distribution of his book Trail of the Octopus. Several distributors had
                 initially agreed to handle it, and then inexplicably backed down. Even in
                 Europe, the book was removed from book stores and reportedly the unsold
                 books were shredded."

                 End of quote

                      In the letter I received today, in the Rumor Mill News mailbox, Mr.
                 Coleman references an article I wrote which was published in Conspiracy
                 Nation. In the article, I discussed  CIA operative Oswald LeWinter, who had
                 just been arrested in Austria for  attempting to sell supposedly forged
                 documents to Mohammed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed, who was
                 killed in the accident/murder with Princess Diana.

                      I first ran across LeWinter back in 1985 or 86, when I was helping 
                 Barbara Honegger while she gathered information for her book, October
                 Surprise. My next encounter with LeWinter came in February of 1997 when
                 he called to tell me that my husband, Gunther Russbacher, a CIA operative
                 who is best known as the October Surprise pilot, had just married Oswald's 
                 friend and protege, documentary film maker, Jane Ryder. 

                      Jane had come into my life about a year before. She told me that she
                 had worked on several BBC documentaries with acclaimed documentary
                 film maker, Allan Francovich. Since I was familiar with Francovich, I
                 welcomed Jane into my home and readily gave her all the documents she
                 said she needed to do a film on my husband..... who at the time was serving
                 a two year sentence in an Austrian prison, the same prison where LeWinter 
                 is currently incarcerated.

                      He had been convicted of stealing a credit card from a mutual friend.
                 We had a letter from our friend, stating that the money put on the card was
                 a gift. It appears pressure was put on her, and she lied in her affidavit to 
                 court. The judge would not admit her earlier letter to us, because it was a 
                 and we did not have the original copy.

                      When Gunther was released, instead of flying to California to join
                 with me, he disappeared for over a month. Gunther and Jane entered the
                 United States in late February of 1997. He was arrested and put in jail in Los
                 Alamos, New Mexico. When I talked with him, he had no idea who I was.
                 For almost two weeks, he was completely out of his mind. Finally, he
                 returned to normal, and we began planning our life together again. 

                      In late April, I received a call telling me that Jane's old partner and 
                 boyfriend, Allan Francovich dropped dead going through Custom's at
                 Houston airport. Francovich was carrying documents for Lester Coleman's
                 defense and for a civil damage trial against the government. During
                 questioning by custom agents, he suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack. The
                 highly sensitive papers that he was carrying disappeared.. Francovich's body
                 was taken by friends for a private autopsy to determine if he had been
                 injected prior to his heath by any of the drugs used to bring about a fatal
                 heart attack.

                      As soon as I learned this, I phoned the jail where Gunther was being
                 held to let him know. When he came to the telephone, I said, "Jane's
                 boyfriend just dropped dead of a heart attack in Houston Customs."

                      I was not prepared for the intensity of his response. He said, in a
                 voice as cold as ice, "They haven't been lovers in over a year. He didn't die
                 of a heart attack, it was a blood clot... And if you don't leave us alone,
                 YOU'RE next!"

                      That was the last time I talked to my husband, Gunther. Within a
                 week of Allan's death, Gunther and Jane left the United States and moved to
                 Bristol, England. 

                      I made a few attempts to contact Gunther over the next few months. 
                 On his birthday, July 1st (the same birthday as Princess Diana), I sent him a
                 birthday card. On our anniversary, October 30th, I faxed him an anniversary
                 wish. As I was going to bed, on the  evening of our 8th wedding anniversary,
                 I turned on CNN.  A breaking news report announced that  Princess Diana
                 and Dodi Fayed had just been in an accident. Dodi was dead, but Diana was
                 still alive and on her way to the hospital.

                      For the rest of that evening, I received phone calls from around the
                 world, wanting to know if I believed that she had been murdered. Back in 
                 1996, when Gunther and I first started Rumor Mill News, our first few issues
                 had been about Princess Diana and how the New World Order was trying to
                 find her an appropriate American husband. 

                      When Diana and Dodi Fayed began dating, I realized that Diana had
                 turned her back on the New World Order and had fallen in with Faction Two,
                 the opposition to the New World Order. Dodi Fayed was the nephew of
                 Adnan Khashoggi. Adnan was a close friend of my exhusband, Gunther.
                 Before Gunther left me for Jane, Adnan had offered to loan us his Vienna
                 apartment until we found one of our own.

                      About three weeks after the murder of Diana and Dodi, I received a
                 telephone call from a man who identified himself as a European professor.
                 As is my custom, I picked up my micro recorder and began recording my side
                 of the conversation. I learned a long time ago that my Sources do NOT like
                 to have their voices taped, so in order to remember what they have told me,
                 I repeat it back and record it.

                      I quickly wrote an article based on the information that was given to
                 me about why Diana was murdered at Pont de L'Alma. I had no intention, at
                 that time, of turning the information into a book. I e-mailed the article to 
                 friend Brian Redman, the Publisher of Conspiracy Nation. He put it up on the
                 the Conspiracy Nation webpage.

                      Within a short time, several articles and books were written using the
                 information from my article. Unfortunately, none of the writers had gotten
                 the story right. So I decided to write Diana, Queen of Heaven.  

                      In the middle of  writing the book, a man named George Mearah was
                 arrested in Vienna for trying to sell forged documents to Mohammed Al
                 Fayed. Supposedly the documents showed that MI-6 and the CIA were
                 involved in the murder of Fayed's son and Princess Diana. Within a few
                 days, the Kurier newspaper in Vienna had published one of the documents.
                 (The document is included in the book Diana, Queen of Heaven)

                      My phone rang off the hook during this time. All the researchers and
                 investigators that I collaborate with were trying to figure out who George
                 Mearah was. Having been married to a CIA operative for 8 years, I knew a
                 little about how operatives created temporary aliases. One of the methods
                 was to use an old alias, but change the last name into a foreign language. The
                 reason for this was so the operative would not forget his temporary alias.

                      An example  I knew about was an operative named Bill Green who
                 became Bill Zelleny. Zelleny means green in a Slavic language, which Bill
                 Green just happened to speak. 

                      I pulled up foreign dictionaries on my computer and plugged in the
                 word Mearah. After going through about a dozen languages, I put the name
                 Mearah into a Hebrew dictionary and voila.... up came the word "cave". I
                 thought, "George Cave, hmmmmm!"

                      George Cave is a CIA operative who was involved in the Iran Contra
                 mess.  George Cave is also an alias that has been used by Oswald LeWinter. 
                 Knowing LeWinter's reputation, I was certain the George Mearah, AKA
                 George Cave,  WAS Oswald LeWinter. Within a few days of my discovery,
                 the European newspapers began running stories stating that George Mearah
                 was an ex CIA operative named Oswald LeWinter.

                      I began corresponding with Oswald, and even though he denied it, I
                 suspected him of being the mysterious Source for my book on Princess
                 Diana. However, LeWinter and several Mossad agents have assured me that
                 he was not my Source for the information on the death of Princess Diana.
                 They gave me the identity of my source to assure me that LeWinter was not
                 the one. 

                      By reading the letter from Lester Coleman, the excerpt from Rodney
                 Stich's book,  and my brief explanation telling  how LeWinter, and
                 Francovich are connected to me; you have discovered that the web of the
                 spies entangles many people: 

                 Jane Ryder  and Allan Francovich,  
                 Jane and Oswald LeWinter, 
                 Oswald and Barbara Honegger, 
                 Barbara and Rayelan Allan, 
                 Rayelan and Oswald LeWinter, 
                 Oswald  and Allan Francovich, 
                 Francovich and Lester Coleman, 
                 Coleman and  LeWinter, 
                 Gunther Russbacher, Rayelan Allan Russbacher and Jane Ryder... who is
                 now Mrs. Gunther Russbacher.

                      Having been married to Gunther for 9 years and 11 months, I know
                 what it is like to be the wife of a CIA operative. I know what it feels like 
                 have your husband  set up and  languish in jail. I know what it is like to be
                 bankrupted. I know what it is like to sell everything of value in order to 
                 my husband. I know what it is like to live  from day to day, never knowing
                 if I will have the money to pay the rent or buy food. 

                      But I cannot imagine what it feels like, to have my children taken
                 from me,  as Mrs, Coleman has had happen to her. What she is going through
                 must be the blackest kind of hell that any human can experience.  

                      I urge any of you who are able to send Lester Coleman some money
                 to quickly do so. He gave a number for A. Ernest Fitzgerald. If you plan to
                 send a few dollars, call Mr. Fitzgerald first to see how and where to send it.

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