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Welcome to the Pan Am 103 crash library. This is a collection of books on the topic of the crash of Pan Am 103, the Lockerbie bombing trial, the victims and much more. Feel free to read the reviews or even contribute with your own review.
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NB ! The autobiography of Lameen Fhima is coming soon .... details will follow.

The Price of Terror by Allan Gerson, Jerry Adler
ISBN: 0060197617

Publishing date: October 23, 2001. President Bill Clinton called it "an attack against America," but after Libyan agent was convicted for planted a bomb aboard Pan Am Flight 103, killing 259 people in the air and 11 on the ground, America did not strike back. Instead, the grieving relatives of the victims did the unthinkable -- as mere civilians-and tried to force Libya to pay for the crime. Lawyers told the families that they could never sue Libya in American courts, and they were right. This would require changing a bedrock principle of international law -- a change that every government in the world feared and fought, including the United States itself.
Working virtually alone at first, Allan Gerson, a former diplomat and prosecutor of Nazi war criminals, took on the case and spent the next eight years on the families' quest for justice. In this high-stakes game of international power politics and legal maneuvering, there were friendships, jobs, and reputations lost, but a precious principle -- that of accountability under the law -- was strengthened and preserved. Now Gerson and his co-author, NEWSWEEK writer Jerry Adler, follow the threads of this extraordinary tale back to that deadly night over Lockerbie, Scotland -- and forward into a new era of international justice, when terrorists will learn to fear the righteous retribution of their own victims.

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  • Review of the book by NEWSWEEK, October 2001

  • The Perfect Kill by A.J. Quinnell
    ISBN: 0060197617

    Publishing date: 1992. Three days before Christmas in 1988, Pan Am 103 blew up in the sky over the small Scottish town of Lockerbie. All 259 passengers and crew died as did 11 people on the ground. It was quickly established that a bomb on board had been responsible for the tragedy. Among the passengers were the wife and child of a man called Creasey: a veteran and a mercenary. No ordinary mercenary he vows revenge and obtains the means to carry it out.

    Price: £ 18.00 (approx. US$ 26.22)
    Presented by Internet Books UK, Gloucestershire, GLS, United Kingdom

    Lockerbie Trial by Nathan Coley
    August Media
    ISBN: 1902854128

    Publishing date: June, 2001. The book features 128 pages of photographies from and about the Lockerbie bombing trial in Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, 2000-2001. The book is going to be published in the UK only, so far, but can be ordered through American book shops and sites soon.

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  • Cover-up of Convenience by Ian Ferguson and John Ashton
    Mainstream Publishing
    ISBN: 1840183896

    Publishing date: March, 2001. Many observers of the Lockerbie trial and investigation - including legal and law enforcement officials close to the case - say the trial may not produce a satisfying answer to the question of who bombed Pan Am 103. This work answers the questions that the authorities wish to bury. It attempts to show that the bombing was anything but a straightforward act of terrorism perpetrated against civilized, Western nations by an evil dictator. The shocking truth, according to this book, is that the Western intelligence services were complicit in the murders. From the moment the plane went down, a supposedly impartial investigation was distorted in order to conceal this dark reality from the victims' relatives and the public. .

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  • Pan Am 103 The Lockerbie Cover Up by dr. William Chasey
    Bridger House Publishers, Carson City, NV 89702
    ISBN 0-9640104-1-0
    Title may differ from older versions: Foreign Agent 4221: The Lockerbie Cover-Up

    The shocking story of how a devoted American republican uncovered the truth behind Pan Am 103. "I love my country, but I fear my government", said the author before he went to Libya to see Fhima and Megrahi. His life never became the same again....don't read this book alone at home!

  • Review of the book by John Tiffany
  • also available at Barnes and Noble

  • Pan Am 103 The Bombing, The betrayals,  And A Breaved Family´s Search for Justice by Daniel and Susan Cohen
    New American Library, 375 Hudson Street, NY 10014
    ISBN 0-451-20165-5

    Published June, 2000, this book tells the story of how the downing of Pan Am 103 has changed the lives of an American family forever. The book also reflects on the almost 12-year long battle for the truth of who killed their 20-year old daughter Theodora on Pan Am 103. Read how a Libyan jew tried to lobby the family into opposing UN sanctions and the story of the Cohens in numerous verbal fights with high ranking hypocrite US administration officials.
    NB ! Renewed paperback edition, featuring information and opinions about the verdict,  ready April, 2001 !

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  • Review on June, 2000
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  • Review from Wag Magazine, July 2000

  • Lockerbie: Qabel il-Verdett - Lockerbie: Before the Verdict by Joe Mifsud
    available from at the price of only $30 !
    ISBN: 999332-612-0-3

    A new book with facts and reports from the Lockerbie bombing trial. Maltese journalist and Pan Am 103-investigator Joe Mifsud has published all of his articles from the beginning of the trial up to the end of the prosecution case. Half of the book is in Maltese, articles published in the British press are in English. Among the documents in the book are copies of FBI-reports and original letters and documents from the technical and criminal investigation. The book also contains numerous photographies including exclusive ones of protagonists and all the places mentioned in the case with Maltese connection as well as interviews with Jim Swire and Prof. Robert Black.

  • Review by Aoude Media

  • The Media and Disasters: Pan Am 103  by Joan Deppa, Maria Russell, Dona Hayes etc.
    New York University Press, Washington Square, NY 10003
    ISBN 0-8147-1856-6

    In engrossing detail this book chronicles the story of Pan Am 103 behind its headlines, illustrating how the media and the people it encountered affected the journalistic process.Many valuable media references on the last pages.

  • Friend of PA 103-victim Hart Lidov reviews the book and comments on American journalism handling the Lockerbie Crisis
  • Also available from Barnes and Noble

  • The Fall of Pan Am 103: Inside the Lockerbie Investigation  by Steven Emerson + Brian Duffy
    G.P.Putnam's Sons Publisher, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
    ISBN 0-399-13521-9

    The extraordinary story of the criminal investigation into the bombing of Pan Am 103 by two award-winning journalists. The book was written and published in 1990, before Libya was indicted. It concentrates on the Iran/Syria connection . Included in the book is a passenger-list.

  • Interview with the 2 authors about the book
    Lockerbie by Rodney Wallis

  • (August 1999)
    Praeger Publishers;
    ISBN: 0275964930

    This volume brings together all of the facts surrounding the sabotage of Flight 103, including the investigation and the civil litigation in which so much of the story unfolded for the first time. It uncovers the fundamental weaknesses in Pan Am's communication and management policies which created an environment in which good security was never possible.

    The explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988, should never have happened. Rodney Wallis, who has extensive, direct, personal knowledge of aviation security matters gained from his position at the crossroads of security information and the industry's endeavors to combat aviation terrorism, had warned the industry one year before the bombing that the interline element of baggage represented the prime opportunity for terrorist activity and had urged the adoption of passenger and baggage matching, a system that he had helped to develop. Mandated by the FAA for use at high risk airports, it was the feature missing from Pan Am's activity at Frankfort, an omission so cruelly exploited by the bombers. Wallis argues that the priority given by governments to technological solutions to the continuing terrorist threat puts the flying public at unnecessary risk every day. 

    Plane Truth by Carl A. Davies
    Algora Publishers
    available January / February 2001

    The story of a private investigator's life in the business world and how, through a curious set of circumstances, he became aware of certain facts which simply demanded an in-depth investigation. On Wednesday, July 17, 1996, when TWA 800 went down off Long Island, this story took on a life of its own. The author traveled the world, interviewed the various protagonists in this drama, met a few of the families of the victims, followed the trials of the two Libyans accused of bombing Pan Am 103, and witnessed the entire investigationof the crash of TWA 800.
    An unknown person e-mailed me to say that Carl A. Davies tried to illegally obtain pieces of the Pan Am cockpit --- See the author's reply on".

  • Plane Truth - author´s official website

  • Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse
    Clairview Books;
    ISBN: 1902636201

    This is the true story of America's foremost psychic spy and the cover-up of the CIA's top-secret Stargate Program. In chilling detail, Morehouse describes his psychic espionage work as a remote viewer, from the shattering explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 to the choking smoke of Desert Storm, even further back in time to Hiroshima and the darkest days of Nazi Germany. And more startling is his account of the U.S. government, an organization bent on the destructive use of psychic powers. National publicity, including an "Unsolved Mysteries" segment, a two-part Fox-TV special and an author interview in "George".

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  • The Lockerbie Airline Crash by Madelyn Horton
    Lucent Books Inc. San Diego, California 98198-0011
    ISBN 1-56006-017-4

    Book in the WORLD DISASTERS-series. Short and comprehensive outline of the crash, the investigation and airline security. Lots of b/w pictures.

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  • On the Trail of Terror: The Inside Story of the Lockerbie Investigation by David Leppard
    Jonahan Cape Ldt. Publ., London 1991

    The title almost explains it all: the author takes his reader digging into the hard search for clues of why Pan Am 103 suddenly came crashing down from the sky onto the peaceful town of Lockerbie. Many interesting interviews with volunteers and police investigators.

    The Trail of the Octopus by David Goodard + Lester Coleman
    In 1997 the authors wrote a new version of this book specially for audience in the USA, entitled: New Terrorism: How U.S Collusion with Drug Dealers and Terrorist Brought Down Pan Am 103 and Brought Terror to America, Publication date: 1997-05
    ISBN: 188220610X
    Barricade Books, 150 5th Ave., suite 700, New York City, NY 10011

    This book was forbidden to publish in the USA as well as in the UK - censorship is still alive and kicking! Lester Coleman was a fugitive for years, before he surrendered and denied the whole story of how US government used Pan Am 103 for smuggling drugs to free hostages. The book tells his own story. This book is hard-to-get-stuff.

    NEW: A copy of Coleman´s original book has been found in a shop in the UK:
    GODDARD. DONALD. with LESTER K. COLEMAN.: TRAIL OF THE OCTOPUS: FROM BEIRUT TO LOCKERBIE - INSIDE THE DIA. London: Bloomsbury, 1993. Original FIRST EDITION. Original Black cloth binding complete in original dustwrapper. (242mmx160mm). 326pp. Illustrated with photos and facsimile reproduction of US government papers. A devastating book - and an extremely rare one. Some Book Club Associates copies occasionally surface at £150-200, but few survived. Publication was blocked in the United States and Coleman himself faced gaol on trumped up charges after becoming the first U.S citizen to seek political asylum in Sweden since the Vietnam War. Coleman worked for America's ultra-secretive DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY .. and claimed to know who really planted the Lockerbie bomb and who financed it. Coleman blamed Syria and Iran and produces classified documents to substantiate his argument. THIS IS THE ACTUAL FIRST EDITION - IN VERY GOOD TO NEAR FINE CONDITION, WITH NO PRICE-CLIPPING NOR INSCRIPTIONS ... and if his evidence is to be believed, who can doubt that most other copies have been quietly destroyed.
    Bookseller Inventory # 4943
    Price: £ 475.00 (approx. US$ 695.22)
    Presented by Corran Books Ltd, Carmarthenshire West Wales, WA, United Kingdom


  • Review from London Book Review

  • Chinook by David McMullon and Robin Eggar
    Simon and Schuster, year:1998, London, UK
    ISBN 0684840170

    David McMullon served for eight years in the helicopter equivalent of the SAS, and is now a commercial airline pilot. His book describes in graphic detail his mission on December 21, 1988, when he was ordered to fly to Scotland with a cargo of empty body bags so he could assist with the recovery of the victims from the ill-fated flight.

  • Angry relatives protest against "Chinook" 

  • The Crimes of a President: New Revelations on Conspiracy & Cover-Up in the Bush & Reagan Administrations by Joel Bainerman

    A book about the views of Lester Coleman's friend Yuval Aviv. An important document of our times and necessary reading for all who want to know what really went on during the Bush-Reagan years. Did the Bush administration cover up Pan Am 103 ?

    Lockerbie: The Tragedy of Flight 103  by David Johnston
    St. Martins Press, New York 1989,
    Bloomsbury in London published this book as: The Real Story 1989

    Inside information about the criminal investigation into Pan Am 103. The author of this book  is a Scottish police officer, who participated in the work and presents his own version of what really happened during the months after the crash. Including the story of a mysterious suitcase....

    Survivors: Lockerbie by Geraldine Sheridan + Thomas Kenning
    Pan Books Ldt., Cavaye Place, London SW10 9PG
    ISBN 0-330-32853-0

    The survivors in Lockerbie talk in this book about what it's like to live through and after the crash of Pan Am 103. The book explains the proces of coping with drama and its aftermath.

    Their Darkest Day: The Tragedy of Pan Am 103 and its legacy of Hope by Matthew Cox + Tom Foster
    Grove Weidenfeld, New York
    ISBN 0-8021-1382-6

    Originally published as a newspaper suplement to Syracuse University Newspapaer by the fellow journalist students of those killed aboard Pan Am 103.  6 months of articles and coverage of Pan Am 103 is collected in this book.

    The Lockerbie Case: Sanctions Against Libya and Legality by Türkaya Ataöv
    Ankara University, Turkey 1992
    No ISBN

    Small thing - but a very good legal explenation to what the struggle between Libya and UK/USA in the Security Council is all about. A must-read-book for everyone who wants to comprehend the legal problems of the Lockerbie Crisis without ever going to law school.

    Report on the accident to Boeing 747-121, N739PA at Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland on 21. December 1988
    Air Accidents Investigation Branch
    Aircraft Accident Report No 2/90 (EW/C1094)
    United Kingdom

    The official report made by the British AAIB 1990. The report contains many flight and crash facts, pictures, accident drafts, suggestions for improvements and figures. The language is quite technical, but at least you'll find facts in stead of politics and allegations in this book.

    Man-Made Catastrophes : From the Burning of Rome to the Lockerbie Crash  by Lee Davis
    Published 1993

    Why do people do evil to each other ? Well, we know that already: for money, power, greed and politics of course. This book deals with some of those aspects. A precise encyclopedia of evil deeds with loads of book references and b/w pictures.

    Hard Evidence by David Fisher

    Forensic expert tells about his personal experiences with bomb-disasters, among them the investigation of Pan Am 103 and the UNA-bomber case. The author explains the technical stuff in a language we all can understand. A fascinating probe into the technical investigation of flight Pan Am 103's last minutes.

    Pan Am 103  by Alan Ewen, Allen Ewen
    Mass Market Paperback / Published 1996

    Cheap and small paperback booklet that sums up the main information about Pan Am 103 and the Lockerbie Crisis. If you never, ever in your entire life have heard about Pan Am 103 before, than this is the place to start.

    U.S. policy in the aftermath of the bombing of Pan Am 103
    Hearing before the Subcommittees on International Security, International Organizations, and Human Rights of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, USA
    103rd Congress, second session, July 28, 1994

    The result of a hearing about US policy in the aftermath of the crash of Pan Am 103 is now available in bookform for leisure reading or extensive political science studying.  The report is hard to find, though. can get the book for you, and it is available at Congress Library in Washington for review.

    Drug Enforcement Administration's alleged connection to the Pan Am flight 103 disaster
    Hearing before the Government Information, Justice, and Agriculture Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations,
    House of Representatives, USA
    101st Congress, second session, December 18, 1990

    Same kind of type report as above. This book is a transcript of the hearing in US Congress, which was stirred by the allegations of Lester Coleman and other investigators going for that theory. Hard to find edition. Try or Library of Congress in Washington.

    The Lockerbie Legend  by Morag D. Morrison
    Published 1993

    A novel.

    Living with Grief after Sudden Loss by Victoria Cummock and others

    Victoria Cummock, wife of PA 103-victim John Cummock, tells her story in this book together with other relatives of victims.

    Miriam's Gift : A Mother's Blessings-Then and Now by Rosemary Mild
    (January 1999), Fithian Press;
    ISBN: 1564742954

    This is a biography featuring Pan Am 103 victim Miriam Luby Wolfe. Read about her life and the grief of her family as they learned about the crash of Pan Am 103.

  • Review by Robert J. Gross from Potomac, Maryland

  • Skye, the island and its legends by Otta F. Swire
    London: Blackie, 1961
    no ISBN
    or MacLean Press
    ISBM: 1-899272-07-0.

    A beautiful book about the famous Scottish island Isle of Sky, written by the grandmother of Flora Swire, who lost her life on Pan Am 103 in 1988.The book, first published in 1961, has recently been republished with a foreword by Jane Swire, Jim Swire´s wife, and is published by MacLean Press, 10, Loch bay, Waternish, Isle of Skye, IV55 8GD, Scotland. The copyright of the book is vested in Jim Swire and his sister.

    A G-Man´s Journal by Oliver Revell

    Pocket Books; ISBN: 0671568019

    From 1964 to 1994, Buck Revell directed or participated in virtually every major FBI investigation -- including the JFK assassination, Watergate, the Iran hostage crisis, and Gulf War antiterrorist operations. As the former Associate Deputy Director in charge of investigations, the Bureau's number-two career post, he sealed his reputation as a legendary maverick in federal law enforcement. Now, in a landmark autobiography, Revell candidly reveals the brilliance and deep-rooted flaws behind. Several pages of that book deal with Pan Am 103, the criminal investigation and Ollie´s lucky son - who escaped Pan Am 103 by changing tickets.

  • presentation, inclusing more reviews

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    Award-winning journalist Ian Ferguson writes about the Pan Am 103-investigation (2001)

    Pan Am 103-lawyer Alan Gerson and a co-writer from Newsweek magazine are currently preparing a book about Pan Am 103 and/or the Lockerbie Trial (2001)

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