Lockerbie 1998-1998
30/09/1998 *** updated: 19/12/1998
This page will keep you informed about the many memorial services and other events following the 10 year anniversary of the crash of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December the 21st 1988. 
Every year around the month of December, people all over the world remember the crash of Pan Am 103 and the lives that were lost on the 21st of December 1988. But this year it´s the 10th anniversary of the crash and the annual remembrance occasions will be bigger than ever. People in Lockerbie, Scotland as well as in the US and other countries prepare themselves for different events, ranging from church-meetings to remembrance events and special media coverage programs in TV, radio and the written press.
Read this page to keep updated about the different events. Should you have any comment or wish to announce any event, please send it by e-mail:

Syracuse University, USA,  Commemorates the Pan Am 103 Tragedy
Remembrance Week: October 19-23, 1998
Ten Days of Remembrance: December 11-21, 1998
  • Press here to read more and get the time schedules etc.
  • Detailed Ten Days of Remembrance - information 11-21.12.98
  • The Remembrance Quilt - the story
  • ...and an article about the group behind SU's pan Am 103-activities from "The Students Voice" 11/12/1998
  • A tribute to Syracuse University students aboard Pan Am Flight 103

  • by JAMES T. WALSH of New York in the US House of Representatives, Thursday, October 1, 1998
  • Resume from last years remembrance week at Syracuse University
  • Ten years later: remembering Pan Am 103 - 12th Oct 1998  by SU student Wendy Loughlin
  • Review: Ceremony  recognizing 1998-99 Remembrance Scholars 23/10/1998
  • Review: S.U. Dean David Rubin speaks at Hendricks Chapel 5/11/1998
  • Remembrance Week Events  Information HERE
  • Review: Syracuse University Remembrance Week 1998 23+26/10/1998
  • 35 students from Syracuse University lost their lives when Pan Am 103 crashed over Lockerbie in 1988.

    Lockerbie, Scotland
    As the 10 year anniversary of the crash is approaching, the Scottish town of Lockerbie once again has to prepare itself for gigantic media invasion and intense scrutiny from the world audience. But this year they want to be left alone - and they want to celebrate christmas.
  • Lockerbie to Clinton: "Stay away from us in 1998"
  • More about the preparations for the upcoming 10th anniversary
  • Finally Christmas in Lockerbie 1998

  • Glasgow Museum of Transport, Scotland:
    Lockerbie Display: October 28-on, 1998-9

    The first part of a larger exhibition on Transport Disasters, featuring Jim Swires bomb attrap, pictures, recorded voices and exhibition items from various fields of the disaster. Free entrance.
    Place:1 Bunhouse Road, Glasgow
    Phone: (+44) 0141 287 2749

  • Message from museum curator Fitzgerald on the Lockerbie exhibition

  • New books on Pan Am 103 victims 1988-1998

    Book by Georgia Nucci 18/10/1998

    American Georgia Nucci of Claverack, mother of Flight 103 victim Christopher Jones, just published a book of pictures and complete biographies of all the victims. More on the book as soon as I get more info.

  • 10 years later - American relatives looking back

  • Chinook by David McMullon 01/12/1998
    Chinook's author David McMullon served for eight years in the helicopter equivalent of the SAS, and is now a commercial airline pilot. His book describes in graphic detail his mission on December 21, 1988, when he was ordered to fly to Scotland with a cargo of empty body bags so he could assist with the recovery of the victims from the ill-fated flight.
  • Angry relatives protest against "Chinook" /dr. Jim Swire complains to Lord Advocate
  • David McMullon speaks out about his Lockerbie-experience

  • Monday, December 21, 1998
    Joint commemoration ceremonies all over the world. Several services of Commemoration have been confirmed planned at 19.00 hours (GMT) on these locations:
  • Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse University, New York State, USA (at 1400 hours)
  • Dryfysdale Parish Church, Lockerbie, Scotland, UK
  • Arlington National Cemetery in Washington. D.C.; USA (at 1400 hours)
  • Westminster Abbey in London, UK

  • For more info and contact information to the evnt in Westminster Abbey, see their website at

    Visitors and participants should arrive and be seated at least 15 minutes before beginning of service. Relatives of the victims have the rights to any seats before vistors and other interested persons.
    The list is not final, other services at the same time may be added to the list later. 

     Live coverage from BBC Scotland 21/12/1998

    BBC Scotland has a range of special features to mark the anniversary, you can watch and listen to them hear throughout Monday 21 December.

    Good Morning Scotland 0630 - 0845 GMT
    News after Noon 1230 - 1300 GMT
    Newsdrive 1630 - 1800 GMT

    Other events include news conferences and a wreath laying ceremony by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 1500 GMT

    Service of Commemoration from Dryfesdale Parish Church, Lockerbie 1900 GMT

    More daily news coverage at BBC Scotland News. To receive these programmes on the internet you will need a 14.4k modem or faster, and a Real Player available free from Real Networks

    Pan Am 103/Lockerbie commemoration TV programmes 1998 on BBC and other UK stations

    It is no surprise that various international TV stations will feature special commemoration programmes as the date of 21st December draws closer. Major stations on both side of the Atlantic will take a look-back on the past 10 years of investigation, interview relatives and other people involved into the Lockerbie Crisis and look forward to a possible upcoming trial and possible future events.

  • "Commemorating Lockerbie" British BBC Chanell 4  * 17/12/1998 at 2100 GMT

  • Interviews with Edwin Bollier from MEBO, Lester Coleman,Thomas Thurman and relatives - critical 1 hour programme about the criminal investigation
  • Review: Lockerbie: A Night Remembered, Channel 4, 29/11/1998 1945 GMT.
  • Everyman: Surviving Lockerbie, BBC One, 29/11/1998 2230 GMT.

  • Two BBC-documentaries take different approaches to mark the forthcoming 10th anniversary of the tragedy.
  • 'Surviving Lockerbie', ITV 21/12 1998

  • A documentary written by George Rosie and produced by STV
  • Review: "Justice for Flora"  15/12/1998

  • Including a 29-minute long video-file with the full programme: Jim Swire's best interview ever

    Georgetown University, USA,
    Pan Am 103 Conference: December 1st, 1998
    Open conference sponsored by the James Madison Project and GU with panel debates, members including George Williams from VOPAF103 Inc., Bruce Smith, and lawyers for the American victims.
  • Read the final resolution from that conference